Sunday, September 23, 2007

Californian Pyscho

In a town full of pyschos, Sharon Stone fits right in! The seventy year old actress also appears to have trouble acting her age. Her son may be too young to be embarassed now but just give him a few years. He'll be self-medicating in no time! Read more!


Mariah Carey was out VERY early this morning chatting on her cell-phone. She looked a bit upset and needed the helping hand of someone in her entourage to guide her. Mooriah leads such a difficult life! Read more!

Method Sienna

Sienna Miller is currently filming the film 'Hippie Hippie Shake' and we know how both hippies and Sienna love their substances.. I'm sure she's a "method" actor. In other news from the film, Sienna reportedly gained SEVEN whole pounds for the film, what a tub of lard! Read more!

At the VH1 Save the Music Foundation Gala Thursday, Mariah Carey looked amazing, smelled of cocktails, and had an escort detail larger than an Iranian president addressing the United Nations.

Her nine assistants performed a ballet of maintenance on the teetering diva all night, keeping her flawless. One handmaiden was solely responsible for dispensing breast tape. Another wore a belt with brushes and hair spray to the dinner; a third brought portable hot rollers.

They forgot to mention her pharmacist, I'm sure he played an important role all night!

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No Effort

Wearing sweats and no make-up, Jennifer Love Hewitt got some shopping done on Saturday. I hope she got some healthy food, rumor has it her recent weight gain is costing her movie roles! Read more!

Don't Believe It

Don't believe the rumors that Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron have broken up. Zac picked Vanessa up in his brand new Audi and the two dined in Studio City. Once he sees that his hoe is getting more attention than him, he'll split. Read more!

Loopy Lohan

The always eccentric Lindsay Lohan was spotted wearing not one, not two, not three but four outfits yesterday! She also kept quite busy by shopping, going to the movies and smoking as much as her little lungs could handle. Rehab sounds difficult! Read more!

Fedex Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan recieved a Fed-ex while in rehab yesterday, guesses as to what was inside and who was it from? I say a couple kilos of coke from Paris Hilton! Read more!

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