Thursday, September 20, 2007

Formally Hate

The formally paparazzi-hating George Clooney has been quite easygoing with them lately. He didn't appear to mind being stalked in the streets of New York where he is currently filming a new movie. I like George so much more when he smiles- and shaves! Read more!

Black Sheep

Everyone but Shiloh and Brad Pitt tagged along to see Maddox off to school. It's so seldom that we get to see Pax Thien, I get the feeling he is the shy child. In any event, it shouldn't be a media circus everytime Angelina Jolie brings her child to school, how many times can paparazzi take the same photo? It must be terribly overwhelming on the children as well. Read more!

Preggers and Fabulous?

Who says a pregnant woman can't wear skinny jeans and stilettos? Christina Aguilera is gaining weight in all the right places! Accompanied by her big bodyguard went to a medical facility in LA yesterday, something tells me he'd do a better job protecting her than that tiny Jordan Bratman! Read more!

Fashion Accessory

Mary Louise-Parker was spotted with her new fashion accessorybaby girl today. Don't you think the African babies are getting played out? Kidding! I tink it's great that celebrities are taking these children out of dire situations and I could never be mad at this chick after what Billy Crudup did to her! Read more!

Good Luck Dane

Jessica Alba looked gorgeous at the premiere of her new film "Good Luck Chuck" in Los Angeles last night, but when DOESN'T she look gorgeous? What a cute couple Dane Cook and Jessica Alba would make, what she lacks in personality (and she does,) Dane could more than make up for! Read more!

Not A Model

Paris Hilton was spotted leaving a model agency yesterday, someone tell her that in model years she is past her prime! Besides, be it high fashion or commercial modeling, Paris just doesn't cut it. "Adult" modeling is much more her style! Read more!

Real Sad

To all of those debating the authenticity of the Beyonce photos, here you go! I have no idea what happened to her weave but it looks like something died up there. She better get that fixed stat! Read more!

Too Cheap

Hollywood libertine Paris Hilton will not be allowed to attend Munich, Germany's major beer celebration because of 'cheapening' last year's event. Partying Paris, 26, appeared at last year's Oktoberfest to promote a regional wine maker dressed in plaits and a traditional Bavarian costume. Organizers at this year's event have barred brands from using celebrities to push their alcohol. Gabrielle Weishaeupl, of the city's tourist board, explains celebrity promotions 'are completely prohibited by the new festival rules.' No one wants her anymore, not even Germany.

Oh shit! That's like being too trashy for Hustler or too ugly to be on the radio!

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