Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nicole Avoids Hilary

Nicole Richie did some shopping in LA yesterday on the same road and at the same time as Hilary Duff. That explains why it seemed for two seconds like paparazzi actually gave a fuck about what Hilary does. (Un)lucky for them, they didn't run into each other. That would have made for awkward and awesome film! Read more!

Future Model

Heidi Klum and a bevy of kids and nannies strolled in Beverly Hills Thursday. Her little daughter is so beautiful, I see a model in the making! Read more!

Fashion Backward

What happened to one of my favorite fashion forward stars? Mischa Barton has been looking down in the dumps lately, maybe she isn't making enough money to buy nice clothes? The actress grabbed some Jamba Juice in SoHo on Thursday, she has been in the city all summer and is expected to return to LA soon. Read more!

Doesn't Love You

She may be blowing kisses at the camera, but the camera doesn't love Brooke Hogan! Although she looks better without all that clown make-up on, she still has the body of a tranny and she isn't going anywhere in the music biz. Brooke tried her hardest to be cool while exiting Cipriani earlier this week. Read more!

After a questionable Fashion Week, Jessica Simpson is back in Los Angeles where she took time out of her day to work out! She natural make-up wise and many people would agree with me that it is her best look! Read more!

Adopting Babies Is Retarded!

"Someone just said that I'm adopting four blonde babies. That's retarded. No, I'm not."

So while trying to dispell rumors and seem like a good person, she managed to offend millions more. That's talent, Paris!

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Time Isn't

Time isn't on his side! At the premiere of "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead" Ethan Hawke looked rough! In fact, he resembled a meth head! Maybe it's for a new role and maybe he's a method actor. No thank you! Read more!

Standing Out

It can be hard to stand out when your boyfriend is the dreamy male model, James Rousseau. Kate Bosworth did the trick dressed in bright yellow and a red scarf. Unfortunately, she resembledan employee at El Pollo Loco. Cluck, cluck! Read more!

Britney To The Max!

"Brit's in damage control mode now. She's been talking to the folks at Maxim about doing a photo shoot," a friend of the pop princess tells OK! exclusively, referring to the popular men's magazine that has been a career-boosting showcase for celebrities like Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria. "She wants to be on the cover as quickly as they can shoot her."

This may be as credible as the whole Emmy's performance rumor, but you never know! I hope she sucks on those Hoodia lollipops a little bit more for this appearance!
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