Friday, September 14, 2007

Horselary Shops

Rocking the ugliest trend of the season, those awful shoes, Hilary Duff shopped with a friend in LA this week. She was also rocking that unkempt Ashlee Simpson hair look. With no Lindsay Lohan in town, Hilary was more than happy to get the paparazzi attention. Read more!


Lindsay Lohan and her enabler mom Dina Lohan were reunited in Utah yesterday. They didn't look too pleased. Dina's birthday is on Sunday and I'm sure she was begging LL to come out and celebrate with her! Read more!

Dita She's Not

Evan Rachel Wood made an appearance on Fuse's 'The Sauce' yesterday. She looked like an idiot with her simple black dress and pointless white gloves.

She probably talked about how like cool her boyfriend is and like cool his music is and how they're like soulmates.

Until he finds a younger hoe, Evan! Read more!

She's Not Trying To Hide It

We got a good view of Christina Aguilera's pregnancy bump and the gifts it gave her last night. She and her husband got some Italian food in California. She must be holding out for a big bucks pregnancy cover! Read more!

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