Monday, September 10, 2007

Whats Wrong?

Keira Knightley looked quite peculiar at the Toronto International Film Festival where she was premiering her new movie "Atonement." I think the problem is the shape of her hair matches the shape of her dress and when its frilly like that, it's never a good thing! Read more!

Mixed Feelings

These pictures of Michael Lohan and Lindsay Lohan bonding are very sweet, but they totally scream Photo-Op to me. We all know how much LL and her dad love attention from the paps! It's still great to see Michael finally get to see his daughter after all the years of her enabler mother Dina Lohan shielding her. I'm sure Dina is NOT pleased!

PS-Lindsay looks great!! Read more!

Almost Over

You know fashion week is almost over when Posh Spice comes to suck the life out of it. She sat by the runway to watch Oscar de la Renta's show. I am just shocked that she would even consider watching models who are skinnier and better looking than her (although it doesn't take much to be better looking than robotits!) Read more!


Tyra Banks has completely forgotten how to model. She hosted a show at The Port Authority and looked anything but fierce! Instead she ended up looking like a reject 70's cheerleader. Lose the weave and hire a stylist. Read more!

Kanye On The VMA's

"They exploited Britney in helping to end her career," West told deejay JJ at New York radio station Z100 on Monday. "When Britney was opening [the VMA telecast], near the end, I felt so bad for her. I said, 'Man, it's a dirty game. This game will chew you up and spit you out.'"

"I wasn't mad that I just didn't win any awards," West says. "For me, [MTV] made it seem like performing on the main stage was a bad thing, and the suites were just so great. It was my dream when I made 'Stronger' to open up the VMAs with a real power performance.

Before West performed "Good Life" from his suite, the former Baywatch star told viewers, "One of the best times I've ever had was making out with the next performer in the middle of the desert. I think I had my tongue so far down his throat I could taste his fiancĂ©e – and I might need a repeat performance later tonight."

"I'm engaged, and I feel like it's disrespectful to my relationship," West says of Anderson's remarks, which he claims the network assured him would not happen.

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You Love New York?

Enjoy the cast of the new season of I Love New York. The guy to the left of New York is pretty damn cute! And that midget is the sex Read more!

Message To The Haters

Evan Rachel Wood appeared to be sending her haters (including me) a message at the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday. Read more!

Bones And Botox

Jenna Jameson was on hand for Nicky Hilton's fashion show yesterday. It was a nice gesture, but I don't think ANYONE wants JJ at their show, she doesn't exactly ooze class. Nicky's new line is called Nicholai and some of the pieces are surprisingly cute! Meanwhile her sister Paris Hilton was in Vegas fucking 50 Cent and any other celeb she could get her hands on. Read more!

Oops, She Did It Again Again!

Shortly after her embarassing VMA performance, I distraught Britney Spears was caught exiting her vehicle pantyless.. again! As if things couldn't get worse for the starlet, now you can see Britney Spears' vagina again! Not sure you want to.. for the NSFW picture..
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It figures that the only exciting thing that happened at the VMA's wasn't shown! Kid Rock and Tommy Lee got into a physical altercation, Kid Rock was the instigator. After the short scuffle, the two were escorted out by security guards. Kid Rock was cited for misdemeanor battery a charge that can come with a maximum of six months in jail!

PLEASE give this bitch jail, you know in a fair fight, Tommy Lee would whoop that ass!

For a video, CLICK HERE Read more!

Bound To Happen

Michelle Trachtenberg attended just about every fashion show in New York Fashion Week so wearing the same dress as someone else was bound to happen. Ivana Trump and Michelle sported the same dress at the Just Cavalli party on Friday. Who wore it better? Read more!

Back To Toronto

Jessica Alba is back in Toronto, she went to their International Film Festival for the premiere of "Bill" which she stars in with Aaron Eckhart. Something tells me she wasn't cast for her acting ability. Read more!

Get The VMA's Out Of Your HEAD!

If you are also trying to get the 2007 MTV VMA's out of your head, Jude Law should do the trick. He showed off some tight jeans and cool new kicks while out in London yesterday. Read more!

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