Saturday, September 8, 2007

Never Bore

We may have seen Brangelina a gazillion times at events, but they are incapable of boring me. Brad Pitt spruced up his suit with an unbuttoned shirt and Angelina Jolie spruced up her plain gray dress by being Angelina! The two are in Toronto briefly for Brad's new movie, enjoy them while you can as they will probably be across the world by tomorrow! Read more!

Not Dita

Evan Rachel Wood did her best Dita Von Teese impression at the Toronto Film Festival where her film "Bloom" was being showed.

Hey Evan, next time you should wear more make-up, the natural look is not working for you! Maybe you should try a little harder as well! Read more!

Seen It!

Brad Pitt flew up from New York to make the rounds for "The Assassination of Jesse James" at the Toronto Film Festival today. He looked tres gorgeous at the press conference where he made some interesting faces. Too bad we've seen this look on him about 200 times in the past two months! Read more!

Smock Her

While her sister Mary-Kate Olsen looked cute and simple, Ashley Olsen looked a bit too simple. Her shoes were absolutely bad ass and her skirt was probably cute as well but she ruined it with that horrible smock. She looks like a third grader preparing to go to art class. Read more!

Mary-Kate Olsen looked more like her sister Ashley Olsen at the Prada Epicenter party in New York City last night. She looked very normal which is quite abnormal for her! Read more!

Even Men

Even men can't resist the charm of George Clooney! Both Clive Owen and Jake Gyllenhaal were in town to promote their own movies, but they both wanted to see Clooney's new flick, "Michael Clayton" last night. Read more!


Matt Damon walked the carpet for the premiere of "Running The Sahara" at the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday. He was very excited to see the film because he's had to watch "The Bourne Ultimatum" 1,700 times in the past two months, one for every premiere it had! Read more!

With everyone anticipating Britney Spears' performance at the VMA's, she's got all eyes on her! She couldn't go to Vegas just to practice, she had to get some clubbing in which we all know she doesn't do enough of! She stopped at pure, while I think she looks gross as always, I like her head band and I'm happy that she has that weave tied back! Read more!


NO, NO AND NO! While some stars shined at Just Cavalli, Jennifer Lopez did not. She failed. Miserably! Granted, she was wearing a Cavalli piece, I think it was probably from his bathrobe line. Don't even get me started on those idiotic hats she always wears. Read more!


Sienna Miller and her sister Savannah Miller were on hand for the launch of their new clothing line, Twenty8Twelve in Toronto, Canada on Friday. I don't think she is going to sell much merchandise looking like the mad hatter! Read more!

Turn It Up!

Jessica Simpson wowed audiences at the Just Cavalli flagship launch party yesterday! Color coordinated in gold and black from head to toe, the singer definitely turned heads ! I am so impressed, this is like the Newlyweds Jessica who dressed like a supermodel. Excellent! Read more!

Down To Earth

Rachel Bilson is in LA, we haven't spotted her with Hayden Christensen in awhile so I'm thinking that publicity stunt is over. Her and a girlfriend mother stopped to get some food and put air in a tire. I can count her ribs and it's scary! Read more!

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