Friday, September 7, 2007

Better Than Ever

Nicole Richie continues to amaze us with her radiance, this time at Max Azria's Spring 2008 show. The designer looked quite happy to see her and posed for pictures with the starlet. Keep on workin it! Read more!


Jessica Alba doesn't pay attention to news about her weight, in fact, she doesn't diet at all.

"I don't listen to it. I don't read it," she told PEOPLE about the speculation that she has recently lost weight. "I think it would make me crazy if I did."

Alba, 26, looked fit at the annual Fashion Rocks concert in New York Thursday night, but denied doing anything to get her body the way it is. "I haven't really worked out in two months, but I do like to do yoga. I'm not on a diet. "

The winner of the female hottie award at the Teen Choice Awards does, however, admit to one healthy habit: "I drink a lot of water."

The actress told Instyle magazine this spring that she "had womanly curves at a young age," which she says dictated her early career. "Usually kid actors are a few years older than the roles they play. I was two or three years younger."

For Alba, her priorities are clear. "I just try to do a good job and keep people entertained with the movies that I do."

Dear Jessica,
Shut the fuck up and stop talking. Stick to looking gorgeous.
Gossip Genius

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We know that wannabe fashionista Lindsay Lohan is just itching to be at Fashion Week right now. Lucky for her there is little competition when it comes to getting the spotlight in rehab, if she were in New York, she may be overshadowed! She flashed her peace sign at photographers after seeing her dad Michael Lohan for the first time in three years! Read more!


Who's this CLASSY broad?
As if you even hesitated.. it's Britney Spears of course! The singer who is said to be trying to slim down for her VMA performance couldn't resist some In n'Out burger and it looks like she had her fair share!
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Yummy Mummy

Gorgeous Brit, Kate Beckinsale was photographed leaving Barney's in Beverly Hills Thursday. Does she look like a walking Pantene commercial or what? Read more!

More More Whore!

Although MTV denies it, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are reportedly planning to end their wedding engagement — but the few fans the couple might have shouldn’t worry, as it’s apparently only a rouse to remain in the media spotlight once The Hills goes on hiatus next spring.

“They’re going to stage a huge breakup, and Heidi is going to pack up all her stuff and move out of their apartment,” said a friend of the couple told OK! Weekly in the magazine’s September 10 issue. “[Heidi] is going to say that she wants to focus on her career and doesn’t have time to plan a wedding and will accuse him of cheating on her.”

To keep the cash rolling in, OK! reported Pratt has told friends both he and Montag will attempt to sell their sides of the split to celebrity magazines before rekindling their relationship.

“They are going to get the press, then go to Cabo for a reunion weekend,” the friend told OK!.

While Pratt and Montag were unable to comment on their elaborate scheme due to a gag order on The Hills third-season cast, which stems from all the feuding between the couple and Lauren “L.C.” Conrad, an MTV representative told OK! “this story is completely untrue.”

However Pratt’s former friend Brody Jenner (a relationship that was also a casualty of the Montag vs. Conrad feud) said the plan isn’t entirely unfathomable.

“I wouldn’t put it past Spencer,” he told OK!.

They are beyond pathetic!
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Conceited, Got NO Reason!

"Punk rocker" Avril Lavigne stepped out in New York yesterday. The douche looked as stupid as always but hey, at least we didn't have to hear her! Read more!

Hear Her Roar

Kelly Clarkson at the 2007 NFL Kick-off yesterday. She looked.. maybe its not her best angle? Let's be honest, even from afar she looks like a fat oompa loompa and when I look at the close-ups I can feel my computer shaking. Put the fork down, woman! Read more!

Hey Man

Kate Walsh looked trannylicious on the cover of next week'sEntertainment Weekly. This is what all drag queens should aspire to look like! Read more!

Fashion NO

Jessica Simpson has been spotted all over New York City this week. Her sense of style has really deteriorated in the past two years, it's a shame she goes to these events and emabarasses herself. Read more!

A and Z

Angelina Jolie and daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt sported matching designer bags in New York City today. Seriously, Angie.. this girl can't even walk and she needs an expensive bag? Think of all the African orphans you could've fed with that money! Baby Zahara is SO a diva in the making! Read more!

Buy A Personality

Someone who certainly isn't ugly (on the outside) is Jessica Alba. The actress attended Conde Nast's 4th Annual Fashion Rocks yesterday in New York City. She also appeared on The David Letterman Show last night where she said that sex on the first date was fine. So that's why she has herpes!

And check out her collar bones.. yikes! Read more!

Shy Britney

Britney Spears isn't the shy type, in fact, she's quite a media whore. For some reason she wanted to cover up her face after exiting Opera Nightclub last night. Maybe cuz its ugly! Read more!

Sue Happy!

Paris Hilton has filed a federal lawsuit over a $2.49 Hallmark greeting card that uses a photo of the heiress and her trademarked phrase "That's Hot." In a complaint filed yesterday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, Hilton alleges that Hallmark has, among other transgressions, misappropriated her image and invaded her privacy with the card, a copy of which you'll find below. According to the lawsuit, the greeting card, which purports to show Hilton's "first day as a waitress," was first distributed earlier this year and remains on sale. Hilton is seeking at least $500,000 in actual damages and a permanent injunction barring Hallmark from further exploitation of her name and likeness

Ugh, what a douche! Everyone knows Nicole Richie totally said that's hot first. Skank!
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