Wednesday, September 5, 2007


No celebrity's appearance at the Venice Film Festival held a candle to Johnny Depp's! He was in town to celebrate Tim Burton's Lifetime Achievement Award. The two have collaborated on several successful projects. Read more!


Some cute pictures of Brad Pitt and Maddox Jolie-Pitt at last nights Yankees game have surfaced. Brad was seated next to Spike Lee and his son, it looks like Derek Jeter gave the boys bats! It pays to be the son of someone famous! Read more!


Who is Cameron Diaz throwing oranges at? Ashton Kutcher! Don't worry, it's all for fun. The two were filming a scene for "What Happens In Vegas. Read more!

Keep Away, Kate!

Owen Wilson's recovery is taking place without contact from his ex, Kate Hudson.

A source close to the actress says her attempts to send regards have been rebuffed by Wilson's camp.

"Kate has been trying to get in touch with Owen and is distraught that the family doesn't want her anywhere near him," says a pal. "She is very frustrated."
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Hudson and Wilson began an on-and-off romance after shooting "You, Me and Dupree." The relationship fizzled despite several attempts, including a visit by Wilson to Hudson's secluded Australian film set this year.

Wilson, who was hospitalized in Los Angeles after a drug overdose and suicide attempt, has since been battling depression. And some think hearing from his ex wouldn't help.

The insider added: "[Owen's family members] don't think Kate is good for him."

I don't think seeing Kate would be bad for Owen, she's is ALWAYS laughing, it's gotta rub off on him
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Jessica Simpson with her token Louis Vuitton luggage and her dog Daisy have touched down in New York. Jessica is in town for New York Fashion Week! Her sister, Ashlee Simpson, is already in town. Read more!


Ashley Olsen was also at the Une Journee A Paris event in NYC yesterday. Poor Ashley didn't look too happy, but let's be honest. When does this bitch smile?! Read more!

NY Girl

It's been awhile since LA has seen Mischa Barton, but she should be returning soon. She's been staying in New Jersey all summer and is filming a movie in New York. She came out to support Van Cleef & Arpels for the Une Journee A Paris event. She stucky with a classy dress and up-do, nothing too crazy. I like! Read more!


Shaquille O'Neal has filed for divorce from his wife Shaunie O'Neal, his attorney has stated. They were married for nearly five years and had SIX children together.

Oh well, you know he's got hoes in different area codes. Read more!

Jude Law Arrested!

Jude Law has been arrested for allegedly attacking a photographer outside his west London home.

The unnamed photographer was said to have suffered minor injuries after the Alfie star tried to grab his camera.

According to reports the photographer was accused by Law of “being a paedophile” for attempting to take photos of his children.

I applaud Jude Law! The paparazzi have no business following him to his house to take pictures of his children. At the same time, I shed a tear for the paparazzi. Someone send him a Spiderman band-aid and kiss his boo-boo, the poor dear!

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Go LC!

Marc Jacobs has some veteran models in a furor. "Marc hired ['The Hills' star] Lauren Conrad to do his show, so now all the real models have to sign releases for TV if they want to be in his show - which of course they do," said our insider. "They are very put out that Marc succumbed to putting on one of 'those shows' - you know, the publicity shows."

Now there's hope for short 5'4 girls across the world.
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