Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Celebrity Sighting

Brad Pitt and Maddox Jolie-Pitt were spotted at the Yankees/Mariners game in the Bronx tonight. Brad caused a small controversy when he didn't stand to "honor America" during the 7th inning stretch.

Do YOU think it was disrespectful of him or do you think he can do whatever the fuck he wants? Read more!

Just Married

Tobey McGuire and his longtime fiancee, Jennifer Myer tied the knot in a super private ceremony in Hawaii. His best friend Leonardo Dicaprio and other friends and family attended. Read more!


Halle Berry confirmed that she was three months pregnant with Gabriel Aubry's baby to Access Hollywood today. About damn time! Read more!

Still Troubled

Amy Winehouse made her first public appearance since getting in two bloody fights with her husband and going in and out of rehab a couple of times. Read more!


Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz went out to eat at Joi last night. No word on whether she actually ate anything. Also, I'm not a fan of the tats, I feel like everytime I see her she's got new ink. Read more!

Naughty Midget!

Reports say that Mary-Kate had a few too many drinks Saturday night at an LA club.

Mary-Kate Olsen was wearing a see-through green dress. She was completely wasted, she was humping and grinding against a column with another girl. Then she was flailing all over the dance floor. Later, Mary-Kate made out with various questionable men while friends took pictures. She then fell over onto a table and proceeded to break every glass on the table before toppling over onto everyone sitting behind her.

A 21 year old who goes to clubs and gets DRUNK! The HORROR!
Read more!

Halle Preggers?

TMZ is reporting that Halle Berry is FINALLY pregnant. They are reporting that she is three months pregnant with model Gabriel Aubry's baby! We've heard the stories about as often as we've seen a young Hollywood star's crotch, so I'm not sure how true it is. Read more!

The Posse

Nicole Richie and her posse which included good friends Masha and Carlos, boyfriend Joel Madden and little sister Sophia went out to get coffee in sunny LA yesterday. Nicole wore a simple black dress and flip flops which seems to be her outfit of choice as of late. Read more!

Feel the Heath

Newly single Heath Ledger made a stylish appearance at the Venice Film Festival earlier today. He arrived by boat to promote a new film. Read more!

Why So Sad?

Christina Aguilera wasn't very chipper when the photographers caught her getting some dinner. Maybe it's her hair, it looks fried to death! I still commend her on doing such a fantastic job at hiding that bump! Read more!

Frat Party!

The scene was the London premiere of "Atonement" but Keira Knightley looked like she was ready to go to a toga party at the nearest fraternity house! Keira's real motive was probably to distract the press from her skeletal figure. It worked! Read more!


Hip hop heavyweights Beyonce and Jay-Z made their presence known in Los Angeles yesterday. The two stopped at a drug store before hopping in their Porsche and driving off. I've gotta admit that I'm not a fan of B's outfit, NOT flattering! BUT, TODAY IS BEYONCE'S 25TH BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday! Read more!

Leo and Jess

She’s been busy on the set of Major Movie Star, but according to Life & Style, Jessica Simpson made time last week to hook-up with Leo DiCaprio at Los Angeles hot spot Les Deux.

In a move that would be surprising on Leo’s behalf, the magazine’s clubgoing source claims, “They were all over each other. His arm was around her, and her hand was on his knee.”

Past reports have indicated that the Blonde Ambition babe has made it clear that she likes the Titanic hunk. “Jess always thought Leo was cute and talented,” an insider pointed out.

But Leo’s heart is said to lie in the hands of model Bar Rafaeli.

The club insider noted, “Leo and Jess left separately.”

I would call BS, but we all know Leonardo thinks with his "other" brain when it comes to women. Remember, he hooked up with Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton!
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