Monday, September 3, 2007

Demure Twin

While her sister, Mary-Kate is working every outrageous trend in California, Ashley Olsen is in New York where she dressed a bit more conservatively. The more demure twin gave the paparazzi the cold shoulder as she exited Barney's/ Read more!

Soaking Spain Sun

Eva Longoria is currently overseas where she is supporting her husband, Tony Parker's basketball team. She spent some solo time soaking up rays and eating ice cream. Must be nice! Read more!

Golden Couple Two

When it rains, it pours! As if we couldn't get enough of the flawless Brangelina, they turned it up a notch for the premiere of "The Assassination of Jesse James" at the 33rd Annual Film Festival in Deauville, France today. Angelina Jolie opted for a plain black dress but her gorgeous hair made up for what it lacked. Brad Pitt also looked flawless and unphased from being mauled by a female fan before! Read more!

Brad Attacked!

Brad Pitt was innocently doing publicity in Venice when a female fan attacked! Apparently, Brad's charm proved irresistible and she had pounce. She was quickly whisked away and she was seen crying and laughing hysterically.

Brad belongs in one of those Axe commercials except he should create "Eau de Brad." I'm sure it'd be a big hit! Read more!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt boarded a water taxi with their children and returned to their hotel after the premiere of Brad's new film. I think it's funny how they seem to rotate with children, these days I always see Brad with Zahara and Angelina with Shiloh, we don't see enough of Pax! Read more!

All The Best

We finally have a picture of the troubled actor, Owen Wilson after his stay in the hospital after a suicide attempt. He looks quite disheveled, but I wish him the best and hope he gets the help he needs! Read more!

Keira Who?

Britney Spears has hit back at actress Keira Knightley for slamming her infamous flashing underwear incident.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star branded Spears a "slut" after she was photographed flashing her underwear earlier this year (07).

But the singer laughed off the comments, adding, "Who's Keira Knightley? I guess she must need the publicity".

OH SNAP!We all know Keira likes to dish it out, who knows if she can actually take it.
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Jessica Simpson has begun sporting her old day-to-day uniform of a loose fitting tee, daisy dukes and high heels! She was probably feeling a bit homesick, she went to a Tex Mex. Tsk tsk, Jess, all this eating out will get you back to where you started!And here is the rest of it. Read more!

Beloved Moo-Moo

Mariah Carey came out from hiding to attend Diddy's annual White Party. Mooriah was looking deliciously loopy, keep her away from the Dom Perignon, it might have adverse effects combined with her meds!
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Post Split

The first pictures have arrived of Michelle Williams since she split with husband Heath Ledger. She and a friend walked the streets of Brooklyn where the two shared a home. Maybe that horrible hair cut and color have something to do with it? Read more!

Cigarette Diet

Mary-Kate Olsen tried to stay thin and get lung cancer all at once last night in Venice. She sported a gazillion trends at once, but the one I hate is the gladiator style shoes. The starbucks and cigarette diet may do wonders for your body but it messes up your skin! Read more!

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