Friday, August 31, 2007


Sienna Miller made another drunk appearance last night in London. This time she launched a profanity laced tirade at the paparazzi calling them rapists! One thing is certain, Sienna knows how to get her drink on! Read more!

Jamba Nic

Nicole Richie and her best friend Masha got some Jamba Juice in Beverly Hills yesterday. She wasn't showing off her cleavage, but it was definitely still there! Read more!

Young Love

Hilary Duff and her new boyfriend Mike Comrie caused quite a scene while dining in New York City. She said she was very apprehensive about dying her hair blonde again, but it looks like she finally did!

The most unfortunate thing about Hilary Duff is that no matter how skinny she gets, she'll always have those arms!And here is the rest of it. Read more!

What Time Is It?

George Clooney is in Venice where he appeared for the photocall of "Michael Clayton." He looked swoonworthy as always, but he was sporting a bit of a 5 10 o'clock shadow! Read more!

So Hetero!

How could anyone imply that Wentworth Miller is anything but straight? Maybe he talks kind of gay, and his hat is a little gay. There's also those rumors of Wenty acting like a total diva bitch on set. I'm sure he's just very feminine Read more!

Listening LL, Brit and Paris?

Actress Keira Knightley has taken a pot-shot at celebs like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan for flashing their private assets more often than not.

The English actress says that she is sickened by celebrities who expose themselves to photographers, and claims their actions make them "s**ttier than everybody else".

The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actress insists that she has too much class to follow in their footsteps.

"I'm not going to get blind drunk and then stumble out and fall over an puke up in front of people. I'm not saying I don't do that in private, but I try not to,” Contactmusic quoted her, as saying at the Venice Film Festival.

"The whole celebrity thing is not magic. They're real people proving they're shittier than everybody else because they don't even wear knickers,” she added. All this woman does is insult her peers by saying they are nothing special, but saying she is above them. Shut up, Captain Obvious!
Read more!

C V's V!


Nude photos that “High School Musical” star Vanessa Hudgens took that were intended only for co-star/boyfriend Zac Efron have recently surfaced, and their discovery could bring down the wholesome Disney blockbuster that’s captivated millions of teen fans.

“Vanessa took some suggestive shots of herself in the buff as a surprise for Zac,” a source told the National Enquirer. Now the scandal is threatening to destroy the “High School Musical” phenomenon sweeping America, Enquirer reports.

The Enquirer reports that it has learned that a third party has obtained the sexy pictures that were meant just for Vanessa and Zac. “Vanessa’s only 18, so she had no idea how her flirtatious act could threaten the future of the multimillion-dollar plans Disney has for the show,” said the source. “She just wanted to keep Zac interested.”

So, she's ALREADY gotta try and keep him interested? Until you grow a penis, you will not keep him interested.
source And here is the rest of it. Read more!

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