Thursday, August 30, 2007


Cameron Diaz had a surprise birthday party today on the wet of her new film. The leggy star turned 35 today, but she certainly doesn't look it! Happy birthday, Cameron! And here is the rest of it. Read more!

Just Because

Nicole Richie may be pregnant, but she's not going to sit home and TWIDDLE HER THUMBS! No, because partying burns way more calories. Nicole made a Lohan-esque appearance on the town with party pal Samantha Ronson. She's probably celebrating her 82 minute jail stint wsith a non-alcoholic beverage. Read more!


Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher are currently in New York where they are filming a new romantic comedy called 'What Happens In Vegas.' Cameron looked fabulous in her cute dress and Christian Loubuitons.

Demi Moore is said to be veeery jealous of Cameron, she's even been keeping an eye on Ashton on set! I've never found Demi to be remotely attractive, but Ashton is like a lovesick puppy when it comes to her. Cameron and Demi also worked with each other, so you've gotta believe there is a level of understanding bewtween them. Read more!

Guess The It Girl

Which Hollywood starlet was in no mood to be photographed?

It's not Mary-Kate Olsen, it's Nicole Richie and the resemblance is scary! She dashed into an organic foods store with a virtually non-existant belly and bought some food.
Read more!

Know Your Angles

Being a former male model, Ashton Kutcher should know all of his best angles. He's very attractive, so pretty much any angle works on him.. except that one! He winked at a fan while on the set of his new film, 'What Happens In Vegas.' Read more!


I like men of all different colors, but orange normally isn't my style! Jude Law worked it quite nicely at the Venice Film Festival while promoting a movie. If you recall, last year Lindsay Lohan made a very memorable appearance at the festival. She's a bit tied up this year, but at least we have that orange skin to look at and remember her by. Read more!

Long Time No See

We haven't seen much of our favorite Irish heartthrob, Colin Farrell lately! He arrived at JFK Airport looking both comical and sexy all at once. Screw acting, that's talent! Read more!

Say No!

Jenna Jameson is perfect example of why you shouldn't get too much plastic surgery and you shouldn't do drugs! She has wrecked her body and face to the point where I doubt it can be fixed. The saddest thing is she probably doesn't even see it! Read more!

Hey, Mama!

Gwen Stefani and her equally hot hubby Gavin Rossdale took a stroll on the streets of Hawaii. The mother of Kingston showed off her fantastic abs and her lack of boobs. I never knew she was that flat, but you can't have it all! Read more!

So Over Her

I don't post much about Hayden Panetierre because all of the sudden she's everywhere and I'm so over her. Buuuut, she was looking very clownish and oily at a Heroes photocall in London, so I couldn't resist.

How long until Hollywood tells her she's too fat and she jumps on the cocaine train? Read more!

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