Saturday, August 18, 2007


I think the real theme to Thursday's Catwalk for Charity was busty blonde for charity. My favorite girl next door, Kendra Wilkinson chose a pink number. She walked the catwalk with Jenna Jameson and being gangstas, they sported fitted caps. And here is the rest of it. Read more!


She's not a celebrity yet, but Real World Sydney's Shauvon is already posing like one. She attended the Celebrity Catwalk for Charity event. Personally, so far I really like Shauvon. I tink she seems down-to-earth and she tries to keep out of the drama. Read more!

The Whole Gang's Here!

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their children embarked on a boat outing in Chicago today. Zahara, Maddox, Pax and even Shiloh were on board. It's so rare that we get to see Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, in fact, it's rare that we see all the children at once. She normal rotates between them like handbags. Read more!

Happy Couple

Here are some pictures of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden in Washington D.C where he performed last night. In one picture, she even hands him a hundred dollar bill.. maybe he is the one who should sign a pre-nup!

Sources say that Joel proposed to Nicole Thursday night. As much as I'm rooting for these two, I just don't see it working. I know that they are both long-term relationship kind of people, so they have that on their side! Read more!

David Cares

David Beckham helped some youngsters out with their soccer skills in Harlem yesterday. He shared some of his soccer wisdom with the kids, oh and it was a great photo-op too! For more pictures of delicious David,

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I still can't understand how Eva Longoria stays so thin. Whenever we see her, she's either eating or shopping! Maybe lunch is her only meal of the day? Eva and a male friend grabbed some lunch in Los Angeles Thursday. For more pictures,

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HD For Underage!

Hilary Duff and her sister Haylie Duff stumbled out of Les Deux last night. Haylie was almost certainly drunk and let me tell you, she's even UGLIER when she drinks.. not a good look! Hilary was looking a bit tipsy herself, we all know she is all for underage drinking and that she possibly does cocaine. She can be the new, less appealing Lindsay Lohan! Read more!

Not Hiding

Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard aren't hiding their relationship anymore! The two were spotted with Kate's son, Ryder in Boston today. Kate really seems to get into serious fast, huh? Read more!


Now, I personally don't see the appeal of watching a bunch of 19-23 year olds dancing around and pretending they are in high school, but evidently the kids love it! Vanessa Hudgen promoted High School Musical 2 by appearing on Live with Regis and Kelly. Outside of the studio, she signed autographs although she looked more interested in the camera than in her fans!

I have zero desire to watch this movie, but I guess all that promotig did the film well, it's premiere drew 17.2 million viewers!! That's the largest broadcast EVER on a cable network! Some Desperate Housewives episodes didn't even draw that much! Read more!

Paris Overload

Beware folks, this post contains a Paris overload! Paris Hilton shopped at Kitson wearing a shirt from her collection with a picture of Paris on it that said Paris four times! That's too much Paris!

Kitson is carrying her new clothing and I'm willing to bet that Paris bought stuff from her own line. So essentially, Paris is a walking billboardm promoting her own stuff. Judging from all the groupies following her around, this just might be effective! Read more!

Sexy Back

Who's sexy back is this? For the answer,

It's Kimberley Stewart! She proved two things yesterday while playing on the beach.
First, Mischa Barton isn't the only thin celeb with cellulite. The second thing we learned is that her ass is still not as bad as that face!
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