Monday, August 13, 2007

Malibu Matt Doll

Matthew McConaughey enjoyed a little bit of Frisbee with the boys on the beach this weekend in Malibu. I've decided to call him Malibu Matt Doll. His life consists of working out, partying and hanging out at the beach, all of which is done shirtless. Read more!

Is She?

Is Fergie on drugs again? Looking all sorts of ugly, the Black-Eyed Peas singer attended a press conference for the group in Seoul. I'm sure her intentions were to honor the country, but she probably insulted them by making such expensive garments look so damn cheap! Read more!


Christie Brinkley and Paul McCartney? Now that's a couple I'd root for.
The New York Daily News caught the cute Beatle and the Uptown Girl getting close with the lights down at James Taylor's show in the Hamptons over the weekend.

After Paul's fiasco of a marriage to Heather Mills and Christie's fourth husband cheating on her with a teenager, it would be kinda sweet if these two fell in love.

After all, all you need is love... with someone who's not trying to get famous or trying to doing a high schooler.

They could be like the Brangelina for the older set. Loving it!
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Pity Kelly

For some reason, I really pity Kelly Clarkson. I don't know if it's because her latest album is flopping or because she can't get her weight and style together, but I really feel bad. As a representative for Pro-Activ, the girl REALLY needs to get her skin in check. Someone also needs to teach her how to dress when you go to Tao, this shapeless dress does nothing for her. Read more!

Nic York City

Despite her impending jail stint, Nicole Richie has been popping up all over the country with boyfriend Joel Madden. The mom-to-be wasn't lying when she said she's been eating more, I can see the fullness in her legs and chest. Nicole was in New York City to support Good Charlotte who is on a promotional tour. Read more!


Britney Spears SHOULD be trying to clean up her image by going out with her children more and staying in at night. But, this is Britney-land! Even though her scum bag ex, Kevin Federline is filing for primary custody, Britney decided to spend a night out on the town. NICE. Word on the street is that K-Fed's motives are strictly money. There's the shocker of the year. Read more!


A few weeks before heading to rehab, we got some great shots of Lindsay Lohan at the Polaroid Beach House. Carmen Electra has given us some new shots to think about. In these "candid" shots, she frolicked on the beach. I say "candid" because she is totally posing for every picture! To see more pictures,

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Jennifer Love Hewitt and her boyfriend popped in a bookstore to get some new literature. Perhaps a weight loss book was in her bag? I kid! But seriously, the difference between her now and five years ago is like night and day! Read more!


For the past several months Jessica Alba hasn't been doing much, just moping around town shopping. I can safely say no other actress looks better doing nothing! She's finally started shooting for a new film called "The Eye." I've got no idea what the movie is about, but from the looks of it, she plays a blind person. Read more!

Not Many

At this point, most people who care are Team LC. She still has a few haters and I'll bet they hate seeing her look so good! Lauren Conrad promoted The Hills on Live With Regis and Kelly today. Read more!

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