Saturday, August 11, 2007

SO not interested!

According to reports Britney Spears is dying to be Paris Hilton’s friend again. The troubled singer wants to rekindle her friendship with the hotel heiress, but Paris has reportedly “moved on a long time ago.”

The pair were friends in the past, and it seemed Spears’ down hill spiral began at the time the two were friends. Hilton and Spears were seen going to the club together numerous times, and Spears began her love of stripping. One night the pair went to a Los Vegas club where the pop singer shocked everyone by stripping off her pants and dancing with Paris sitting nearby observing.

In a desperate attempt to salvage her image, Spears reportedly severed ties with Hilton. But now the singer is said to be desperately seeking Hilton’s friendship. “Britney’s dying to hang out with Paris. She’s trying to get her cell phone number and passing messages to her through other friends,” a source who claims to be Paris’ friends says.

“Paris moved on a long time ago when it comes to Britney. She feels sorry for her, but that’s as far as it goes!” the ‘friend’ added. SOURCE
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Things She Loves

The bra-less and classless "pop star" Britney Spears made a pit stop at a fast food joint in Hollywood. The fast food place, which is used to seeing their fair share of white trash had never seen anything like Britney. She is probably the cheapest rich bitch ever to step foot in Hollywood. Read more!

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