Friday, August 10, 2007

HD in LA

Hilary Duff's world tour has brought her back to LA for a few days. She met up with what I can only imagine is her boyfriend (I love how her looks at the camera as he cops a feel,) did a little shopping and visited the Neil George Salon ( Lindsay Lohan's favorite hair stylist!) Read more!

Scary Attorney

Scary Spice aka Melanie Brown claimed to be sick, but not too sick to do some healthy Eddie Murphy bashing on Larry King Live! OF course her fame-whore attorney had to tag along, wearing something that looks like a Legally Blonde reject. Kudos to Mel B, she knows how to wear the most figure flattering outfits that show off all of the right curves! Read more!


It's no secret that Paris Hilton is flat chested, but the girl certainly knows how to choose outfits that hide that! Possibly modeling off of her friend Nicole Richie's newfound cleavage, Paris wore a push up bathing suit at her Malibu beach house. Read more!

Sorry, Girls

Openly bisexual Angelina Jolie reveals she's given up women and S&M now that she's with Brad Pitt.

'I've never hidden my bisexuality,' the 32-year-old says. 'But since I've been with Brad, there's no longer a place for that or S&M in my life.'

And rubbishing rumours the couple are on the verge of splitting, the actress says she's happy with Brad, 43, because he believes in her.

'He lets me talk to whomever I want,' she tells French magazine Public. 'He has complete blind faith in me.'

I'm sure men around the world are cursing to themselves
Read more!

Out And About

Nicole Richie isn't letting her baby bump hide any longer! She sported a form fitting top that showed off her new "goods," pregnancy can do some good for a figure! Joel accompanied her as they shopped, I can't wait to see some of the chic pregnancy looks that Nicole will rock! Read more!

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