Wednesday, August 8, 2007

SAY WHAAAATT?? Sucking on a cigarette, swilling a cuppa coffee, chomping gum and giggling like a loon, multitasking Skary Skank BRITNEY SPEARS exited swanky Kitson on Robertson Blvd. – and suddenly got the grin seared off her kisser when a teenage fan’s fire-breathing momma blasted Ms. Toxic, labeling her a grungy, low-life role model…AND a lousy mother! Trouble began when Teen Girl spotted Pop Tart and rushed over, squealing with delight – but as My Spywitness gaped and gasped, Momma Hen elbowed her chick aside and spear-ed Britney with: “EXCUSE ME…but I hope you get your life together, work things out with your mother – then start taking care of your children! Family is the most important thing in the world!”

Grimacing through this tirade, Britney snarkily smacked gum and blew bubbles – popping them loudly. The mom – uncowed by Britney’s rage-a-holic rep – went right in her face and scolded: “You have absolutely NO manners! You have dirty habits, and you’re a terrible example for young girls – not to mention your fans…if you still have any!” The mortified (yet obviously still star-struck) daughter recoiled as Brit suddenly spit out her pink gum-wad and screamed at the mother: “LADY…MIND YOUR OWN F-----G BUSINESS!” …then stormed off down the street.
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"Exhaustion is Code For..."

Singer Amy Winehouse has cancelled yet another gig - this time after being hospitalised for "severe exhaustion".

Winehouse was admitted to University College London Hospital this morning and discharged hours later, her record company said. Scroll down for more ...
Amy Winehouse was rushed to hospital suffering with 'severe exhaustion'

She was due to perform at the Oya music festival in Oslo, Norway, tonight.
Organisers were told at the last minute that she had pulled out.
A spokesman for Island Records said: "Amy Winehouse was admitted to UCLH this morning suffering from severe exhaustion.
"Amy was discharged from the hospital this afternoon and has been advised to take complete rest. Scheduled performances in Norway and Denmark this week have been cancelled."
Festival organisers said Winehouse cancelled with no explanation.

She was due to perform at the Oya music festival in Oslo, Norway, tonight

A message on their website said: "The news of the cancellation came abruptly and surprisingly upon us a little before one o'clock this afternoon.
"Winehouse's large crew arrived yesterday, and her backing band had just finished their sound check when we were notified.
"So far no reason has been stated. We will be back with more news as soon as we have been informed."
Winehouse was replaced on the bill at short notice by Norwegian band Minor Majority.

This is the latest in a string of cancellations by the 23-year-old star, who received three nominations last night at the MTV Video Music Awards.

In the past few weeks she has pulled out of T in the Park - also citing "exhaustion" - and Liverpool's Summer Pops event.
The singer, whose biggest hit is Rehab, has a reputation for hard drinking.

But in a recent interview, she put her habit of cancelling gigs down to being a perfectionist.
"I know it's last-minute and a bit irresponsible. But I'm a perfectionist and would rather reschedule a show than do it half-heartedly," she said.
Despite her remarks, the jazz singer has failed to dampen speculation about her emaciated frame and increasingly dishevelled appearance. Nor has her reputation been helped by a series of shambolic performances, including one gig where she spat at fans, forgot the words to one of her songs and eventually stormed off stage.
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His Lady

Colin Farrell was spotted out with his very young (and average) lady friend earlier this week. He's been with her for a few months, this has GOT to be some sort of record! No matter how scummy and dirty he looks, he will always be sexy to me. And here is the rest of it. Read more!


David Beckham has been spotted everywhere in the past couple of weeks- except for on the soccer field! He may be too injured to play, but he isn't to busy to walk around Washington D.C and schmooze with baseball stars! Read more!

Look Pregnant?

Does Christina Aguilera look pregnant to you? I don't see a baby bump, thanks to a well-placed bag and a loose shirt. She and her husband, Jordan Bratman stopped at a convenienve store, possibly to shop for those pregnancy cravings. The matching New York Yankees hats are a nice touch! Read more!

Kiss and Tell

A man who claims to have spent six hours with pop singer Britney Spears is kissing and telling in the new issue of US Magazine! For the full story and more pictures,

Britney Spears is on a tramp-age!

The latest man to fall into the hard-partying pop star’s orbit is Matt Encinias, a 21-year-old college student who tells Us Weekly the exclusive details of his twisted night with Spears in the latest issue.

In just five hours, Encinias went from being an extra in her latest video to pounding drinks and locking lips with the single mom of two in a rooftop pool at L.A’s Standard Downtown hotel.

Although Spears was expecting her two young sons to be dropped off at her Beverly Hills home at noon (as per her custody arrangement with their father, Kevin Federline), the singer had arranged to have the pool reopened at 2 am for the exclusive use of her group, which included then-assistant Shannon Funk and some hand-picked male extras from her video shoot.

“Britney was the first one to undress, and then everyone else followed,” Encinias tells Us. “I turned around and saw that she was topless and she had fake tattoos of flowers on her nipples from the shoot.”

“I was told all she wanted to do that night was kiss a boy,” the 5’10” California native continues. "And that’s what she did. Mission accomplished.”

It was when the alcohol started running low that an inebriated Spears, 25, suggested a game of Truth or Dare. “I was dared to get naked and get out of the pool and walk as though I was on a catwalk in a fashion show,” says Encinias. “Britney was laughing really hard.”

But what happened later when they went back to Britney’s hotel room? For more on Spears’ wild night at the Standard Hotel, including the latest details on her custody battle with Kevin Federline, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands this week.
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Kim Kardashian is trying to follow in the footsteps of her famous ex-friend, Paris Hilton. She walks every red carpet, looking like more and more of a whore every time. This chick makes Paris Hilton BEARABLE! Now, I normally make a concious effort not to cover Kim, but this news is ridiculous. She is starring in a reality TV show for E! this fall. The show will follow around her and her siblings. Let's hope this mess gets canceled after a few episodes. Read more!


Even though Paris Hilton's first album flopped, she has said she will be recording a new album and was spotted entering recording studios in Los Angeles. Spare our ears (and yourself the embarassment.) Stick to prancing around half-dressed saying "That's Hot." Read more!

Chi-Town For Angelina

Angelina Jolie has landed in Chicago! The actress is in town to shoot scenes for her new thriller, "Wanted." ENJOY her while you can because tomorrow she'll probably in some foreign country like Libya or Taiwan! Read more!

A Scent I May Like

Normally I am not a fan of celebrity fragrances. Christina Aguilera has made a deal with Procter and Gamble to distribute a new fragrance this fall. For all the details,
US consumer-goods giant Procter & Gamble (P&G) is to put a major investment behind its first fragrance for American singer Christina Aguilera, with whom it signed a licensing agreement in January this year. The fragrance, called simply Christina Aguilera, will launch globally in the fall.

“This is a big priority for us, our objective is for Christina Aguilera to become the number-one celebrity fragrance… We will invest very strongly behind it,” a P&G spokesperson tells CosmeticNews.

Targeting the 16-35-year-old consumer, the fragrance is an oriental floral with top notes of blackcurrant, a heart of peony and prune and a base of vanilla. It comes in a curvy glass bottle, intended to recall the star’s silhouette, and is embossed with a black lacy design and decorated with a black bow at the neck.

The fragrance will be supported by a print ad campaign featuring Aguilera’s bare back painted with a black lace design. It features the tagline, “Sometimes it’s all you need to wear”.
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Who Is This Couple?

Which rumored new couple was spotted getting hot and heavy? It's Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard! The duo was seen making out in Lake Muskoka, Canada. Read more!

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