Monday, August 6, 2007

Tabloid Happy

Matt Damon has quite a lot to be glad about, unlike his buddy. While in New York City today, he picked up some Starbucks and checked out some tabloids. What I can tell from this picture is that Matt either elected to buy a magazine with Nicole Richie on the cover or one with Rihanna. I don't personally know where his interests lie , but I'm thinking they may be for his wife. Read more!

What Happened?

What happened to Britney Spears (other than this very unfortunate dress) today?

While driving into a parking lot, she hit a parked car. Luckily, the damage was very minor, only some paint chipped!
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How Many?

You can never put enough delicious athletes in one picture! David Beckham posed with some members of the best sports team ever. Of course I'm talking about the New York Yankees! The lucky guy got to meet Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter. Orgy Time! Read more!

Does She Ever Have An Off Day?

Beyonce is in New York currently and yesterday she was hard at work shooting an American Express commercial. Come on, does this girl EVER have an off day? Read more!

Eating For Two

Nicole Richie and rocker boyfriend, Joel Madden got some grub in Los Angeles over the weekend. Nicole must be thrilled to be able to eat again. Now she has an excuse for weight gain. Regardless, I am so glad that she is putting the baby before her own personal vanity. Read more!


Who is Hollywood's most profitable actress? (The answer is surprising!!)According to Forbes' first-ever list of Ultimate Star Payback, the movie stars who deliver the best bang for the buck aren't the industry's top earners. Surprisingly, former Friends star Jennifer Aniston is Hollywood's most profitable actress, despite duds like Rumor Has It. For ever dollar the former Mrs. Pitt was paid for her last three major roles, her films on average returned $17 of gross income.

I would expect much more from Forbes. JENNIFER ANISTON?? Even Lindsay Lohan's last duds have done more through DVD sales and merchandising than Jennifer Aniston. This was done out of pure pity!
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Eat More Veggies!

Jennifer Love Hewitt and her man stopped by a farmer's stand yesterday and it's quite evident that the star has gained some weight! Read more!


Which celebrity has no ass? It's Cameron Diaz! The Charlie's Angels star was spotted getting into her car yesterday. What Cameron lacked, Jessica Biel more than makes up for! Read more!

Warm Shoulder

After giving the paparazzi the cold shoulder, Paris Hilton has returned to reveling in the attention. She threw yet another party at her Malibu beach house. However, I'm not sure that party is the appropriate description, I think photo-op better suits it!
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The Normal One

Nicky Hilton and her long-time boyfriend, David Katzenberg enjoyed the beauty that is Malibu on Saturday.

How refreshing that there is a actually a Hilton who is somewhat normal. I know, Hilton and normal should not be used in the same sentence! Read more!

MK Ain't

Mary-kate Olsen isn't the only twin who's working! Ashley Olsen shot some beautiful pictures for the September edition of Marie Claire. Fierce! Read more!

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