Sunday, August 5, 2007

A New Look

We all know about the Olsen pout and the Paris pose, Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis appears to be trying to start his own look. At the Girls Doing Art show in Los Angeles, he showed off his Greasy pout for the cameras. How yummy. Read more!

Try Not To Stare

John Travolta, Kelly Preston and Kirstie Alley were just a few of the psycho celebs to attend the Scientology Gala yesterday. Try not to stare at the picture or you'll feel them sucking the sanity out of you.

PS- DAMN! John Travolta's wig is s-e-x-y! Read more!

Lil Kim Experience

Some people have potential in the appearance department. Some do not. Lil' Kim is one of those people who clearly does not. I must commend her though, I'm glad that for the most part, she managed to keep her clothing on! She attended the Rodeo Drive Experience and one thing is certain, everytime she walks the red carpet, it is an experience! Read more!

In The Dust

Ben Affleck doesn't look to happy and I think we can all guess why! While his best friend Matt Damon's career is flourishing, Ben Affleck has been left in the dust with bombs like Jersey Girl, Daredevil and Gigli. Sex tape time! Read more!


Shortly before miss Lindsay Lohan jetted off to Long Island, Jude Law was seen leaving her second home, Chateau Marmont. Wonder if he saw her there? Read more!

Tear Down

Beyonce tore down the house while performing at Madison Square Garden last night. When it comes to a performance, Rihanna has NOTHING on Beyonce! Read more!

Cold Shoulder

The normal paparazzi loving Paris Hilton was uncharacteristically cold towards them while stopping to get some food on Friday. She must be jealous that other young stars are getting photographed more than her! Read more!


Melanie Brown knows how to celebrate! She enjoyed some champagne poolside at a nice hotel, probably on Eddie Murphy's dime! Read more!


Britney Spears dined at an Italian restaurant with her boys last night, appropriately named "Cravings." Poor Britney was deceived, when made aware of the restaurant's name, she assumed there would be a room full of stripper poles, cigarettes and Cheetos. How disappointing. Read more!

Lindsay IS NOT In Rehab!

Troubled star Lindsay Lohan has sneaked back to her native Long Island, sources confirmed yesterday, to lick her wounds and be with family following a long downward spiral in Los Angeles that included drunken-driving arrests and stints in rehab.

La Lohan flew first class to Kennedy Airport late Friday with her younger sister, Ali, a source said.

"She's doing well," mom Dina told The Post yesterday.

Now that she's back in New York, sources say she is hunkered down at her mother's Merrick house with mom, grandmom and three siblings.

At one point yesterday, a cargo van from the airport delivered luggage to the house.

I think it's great that she's home, about damn time. It makes you wonder what she's been doing for the past week since getting her DUI. Can you say coke binges?

SOURCE Read more!

LC Vs. Hoedi and Spencer

HEIDI Montag is furious with Lauren Conrad, her co-star on MTV's "The Hills," for taking frequent swipes at her reputation. So Montag wants to set the record straight - for cash. "Heidi is shopping her side of the story to the weeklies," said our insider. Conrad has called Montag a "back-stabber" and made fun of her plastic surgery. Montag's boyfriend/manager, Spencer Pratt, says she'll "go on the record with a lie detector and confirm Lauren's sex tape exists" - which Conrad has denied. But it's not just to clear her name - Pratt told us he's waiting to hear back from one glossy "if they'll meet on my quota." He meant "price."

Ugh, does anyone care about these two scumbags? Get a life, you wanted fame out of the show and the producers and public prefer LC over you. The little idiotic rants aren't going to help your cause
source Read more!

Box Office News!

The Bourne Ultimatum pulled in an impressive 70.2 million dollars, making it the highest debut of any of Bourne movie. If you enjoyed the other two films, I would highly recommend this movie, it is action packed from beginning to end!

In not so good news, Jennifer Lopez's new flick, El Cantante is being branded the next Gigli. It only pulled in 2.9 million dollars. When will Jennifer learn, stop doing crappy movies with your significant other! Read more!

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