Saturday, August 4, 2007

Welcome To The Dark Side!

Sarah Michelle Gellar debuted a new dark do and short cut yesterday while dining in California. To be brutally honest, the cut is a bit mature for her and the color isn't doing any favors for her complexion. Nonetheless, SMG will always hold a special place in our hearts! Read more!


Britney Spears genuinely scares me! She constantly wears a creepy smirk of self-satisfaction on her face. The problem is, a woman who looks that bad has no RIGHT to be satisfied with their appearance. God bless that dog, sacrificing itself and subjecting itself to Britney's antics so that the children don't have to. Read more!

Ditch That Hoe!

Despite canceling their nuptials scheduled to occur earlier this week, the on-again, off-again wedding of Usher and his pregnant fiancee was finally on -- and held quietly Friday, sources told Stella's Column late Friday night.

The multiplatinum singer married his longtime girlfriend, Tameka Foster, who is several years older than he, during a private ceremony in his lawyer's office in Atlanta on Friday, sources said.

Among those present was Usher's mother, Jonetta Patton, who, it has been widely reported, staunchly disapproved of the marriage. Foster was reportedly largely responsible for Usher firing his mom as his manager last May.

The pair, who are expecting their first child together this fall, had been scheduled to marry last weekend before Usher publicist Patti Webster announced the wedding was called off.

The couple reportedly disagreed over an elaborate prenuptial agreement supported by Usher's mother.

A major clue that your hoe is a golddigger? She won't sign a pre-nup. DUH!

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Nico and Michael

With Desperate Housewives stars such as Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria getting more publicity than her, Nicollette Sheridan decided to take matters into her own hands. Along with her boyfriend, Michael Bolton, she dined at the paparazzi infested restaraunt "The Ivy" and acted surprised that they were there. Time to brush up on those acting skills, Nic! Read more!

Hilton Cisco

Paris Hilton was spotted leaving a pals house looking like the cat that had got the cream.

So why was the socialite looking so happy it would appear she has found a new love as sources say she has been on a series of dates with Cisco Adler former squeeze of Mischa Barton in the latest round of the Hollywood crowd's boyfriend swapping.

Mischa split with Adler in February after naked photos of him surfaced from Paris’ belongings, though that would not put our Paris off considering her photo exploits.

At the time a sorry Cisco was quoted as saying "Her s*** got stolen and somehow she had a picture of me naked in there.adding "That’s Paris Hilton for you."

The filth between the both of them.. how gross!
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While SOME stars bring misery to the world, Cameron Diaz is always like a ray of sunshine! Cameron looked trendy in a cropped jacket while waiting for Valet services yesterday in Los Angeles. Read more!

Angie Fab

Angelina Jolie is brushing off the rumors that her and Brad Pitt are having relationship problems. It is so seldom that we actually see her in Los Angeles, she looked glad to be back! Poor Maddox didn't enjoy the attention and mommy comforted him. Too cute! Read more!

MK Chic

Mary-Kate Olsen brings new meaning to the definition of business chic! She was spotted entering her company yesterday and she meant business. Looks like she has ditched her old boho look for a new, classier look. Read more!

Ms. Bilson

O.C cutie, Rachel Bilson was spotted in Hollywood yesterday looking adorable! I love her hair, what can I say? She can do no wrong! Read more!

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