Friday, August 3, 2007

Acting Bug

It appears Mary-Kate Olsen has been re-bitten by the acting bug! After a long hiatus since her last film, MK sported some killer dreads on the set of her new movie. It seems she's taking this Bohemian look to a whole new level! Read more!

Always Poised

The always poised Dita Von Teese dined at Chateau Marmont last night. She was escorted by a man who was definitely better looking than that Marilyn Manson! Read more!

Blame It On Britney!

Mena Suvari sported a new shaven head in Beverly Hills yesterday. She always had ridiculous hair cuts anyhow, I guess naturally, this was the next step! It must be pretty humiliating that the paparazzi only want to take her picture for it to be mocked by the public! Read more!

Eva Deva

Eva Longoria appeared to be very chipper yesterday, even though she was being stalked by the paparazzi all day. She started the day by getting some food at Cafe Med and burned off the calories by doing some damage on her credit card. Muy Caliente! Read more!

Old Friends, Old Tricks

As if Britney Spears didn't already garner enough attention with that atrocious outfit and sunglasses, she decided to sloppily suck on a lollypop to be "funny." Ha... ha. Brit hooked up with her old assistant, Alli Sims and went to Winston's. The one positive occurance of the night was that she did not drive! Read more!

Hoedi And Her Manwhore

The Hills star Heidi Montag showed off her nasty, disgusting and fake hills on the beach Wednesday. The girl has a nice body, it's so unfortunate she bought those ugly boobs, a new face would've been a FAR better investment! Read more!


After finally admitting to the public what they already new, pictures of Nicole Richie have become even more of a hot commodity. Unfortunately for photogs, NicJoel were not in a giving mood yesterday in Los Angeles. If paid the right amount, you know they'll be all over the cameras!

Cameras will be staked out at Lynnwood as it is rumored she will be entering the facility late tonight! Read more!

Quote Of The Day

“I was glad I went, because I needed to get away from everyone. … And I learned a lot there.” - Lindsay Lohan on her January rehab stint in Elle Magazine

So I guess this is kinda bad timing for this magazine to come out. I wonder what she's learned now, considering she has had two DUI's since and two MORE rehab stints. Read more!

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