Thursday, August 2, 2007

It's Not Easy

Jessica Alba treated herself and a friend to some R&R at the Ojai Valley Inn And Spa yesterday. Walking red carpets, shopping and sipping lattes can really take a toll on a girl! Read more!

Undercover Buffer

Matt Damon visited The Late Show With David Letterman yesterday. Before the taping, he greeted fans and signed autographs, he also showed off a surprisingly buff body! Read more!

Takin It To The Streets

Amy Winehouse and her husband are in love and they don't care WHO sees it-unfortunately for us! Ms Winehouse is in New York City, but by the size of her beehive, regardless of where you are in the world, you probably already knew that! Read more!

Punk Rawk

Avril Lavigne was spotted leaving Les Deux in Hollywood with friends last night. She didn't have her trademark "punk-rock" scowl on. She actually looked to be enjoying herself! Or maybe she's just drunk. Cuz that's what REAL punk rockers do! Read more!

She Works On Occasion

Mary-Kate Olsen hasn't been absent from the paparazzi scene, but she has been absent from the acting scene! MK has a guest role on Showtime's hit, "Weeds."At the premiere, he looked happy and refreshed. She even refrained from using the signature Olsen pout! Read more!

Gloom And Doom v2

I think Kirsten Dunst's presence in London is truly having an effect on fellow Londoners. Take Keira Knightley for example. She's a pretty girl with a lot of money, but she seemed very down today. It's either the work of Kirsten-itis or the lack of food in her life. Read more!

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