Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How To Get Skinny Like A Porn Star

When you think of a porn star, you think of a curvy, voluptuous body. Jenna Jameson, possibly the most famous porn star of all time should know this best! She caused quite a frenzy outside of a club last night in New York City, but the thing they were probably focusing on was her bones and botox! Jenna was always a pretty girl, why did she do this to herself? Read more!

She's Preggers!

Nicole Richie has finally confirmed the news we already speculated. SHE'S PREGNANT! In an interview with Diane Sawyer that will air on Good Morning America later this week, she stated that she was four months pregnant! Read more!

Hayden Lohan

Hayden Panettiere has been desperately trying to achieve Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan status in Hollywood for years. Like Lindsay Lohan, she has the token stage mom and the love for paparazzi attention. She's been drinking, smoking and partying with Paris since the age of 16, how long until she starts sniffing coke and becomes anorexic? Her stumpy arms and legs are most unfortunate! Read more!


Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat Doll fame stepped out of Joseph's club in Hollywood with none other than of Black-Eyed Peas. I wonder what recent boyfriend Talan Torierro would have to say about this? Read more!

Oh Dear!

What has happened to the sexy piece of perfection that is Orlando Bloom?! Looking thinner than ever and sporting an interesting moustache, Orly entered a London theater earlier today. In his defense, this new look is for a role in a play in which he is getting pretty good reviews. Read more!

Scarlett With Envy

Scarlett Johansson is enjoying her time in Spain where she is currently shooting a new Woody Allen movie. Maybe it's best that she isn't near Hollywood to see the Jessica and Justin lovefest!

Earlier this week, Jenna Jameson stated that she absolutely loved Scarlett and hoped that she would play her in a new movie about her life. ScarJo's rep has stated that Scarlett had not been appoached and had no desire to play the role. Ouch! Read more!


Jessica Biel did the walk of shame this morning after leaving boyfriend Justin Timberlake's mansion in Hollywood. Wonder how long this one will last? Read more!

Normal Guy

Justin Timberlake and his best friend did some grocery shopping in Brentwood on Monday. They even wore matching mandles, how cute! Read more!

Handsome Man

George Clooney looked dapper as always at a press conference in Tokyo today. I wonder if the Japanese are as crazy about George as we are. Konichiwa! Read more!

Movin Out!

Paris Hilton is moving out of her Hollywood home and selling it for 4.25 million dollars. In an interview with Extra, she stated "I feel like a lot of people know where I live so it’s time to move."

Hmm.. you literally invite paparazzi to your home every morning to photograph you and you think people know where you live? You are famous honey, what do you expect? Read more!

Paris Rush Hour

We knew Paris Hilton couldn't stay off the red carpet forever! Fresh off the announcement of her role in a new thriller, she attended the Rush Hour 3 premiere looking very nice and not too skanky! Read more!

Fedora-less Is More

Keira Knightley stepped out in London without her normal arm candy and instead with what appeared to be a body guard. I am quite pleased to see her without one of her hideous Fedoras, her face is very nice and there is no need to hide it! Read more!

Katie In Berlin

We're getting new pictures out of Berlin of Katie Holmes shopping and "working" her new hair style. I think it's safe to say it came off a little less Victoria Beckham and a little more granny-esque! Read more!

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