Monday, July 30, 2007

Not Feeling

Jessica Biel sported a different from normal outfit yesterday while running errands. I say different because her normal wardrobe consists of sweats and sneakers! Definitely not feeling the wedges, the whole outfit looks like she's trying too hard. Read more!

Move It Dina

No, that's not Dina Lohan, that's Hayden Panetierre's mother who is the C-List star's equivalent. I don't know, to me, Hayden just looks like a complete and utter bitch. The duo picked up some Starbucks before heading to work in LA on Sunday. Read more!

Driving While Insane!

Move over Michael Jackson, there is a new nut in town. Maybe she isn't new to the scene, but her behavior is getting crazier and more erratic by the day! Of course I'm talking about Britney Spears who was spotted wearing a peculiar scarf on her head while driving in L.A. Arrest this woman for DWI- Driving While Insane! Read more!

Down But Not Out

The producer of LINDSAY LOHAN's next movie insists the project is "still on schedule" despite the actress' recent drink-driving arrest. The Mean Girls star was arrested in Los Angeles on 24 July (07) and charged with driving under the influence - for the second time in two months - and possession of cocaine. But producer Lucas Jarach is confident Lohan's legal woes won't affect upcoming film Dare To Love Me. He says, "The shooting of the movie, the filming, is not scheduled to start until 1 October 1. Lindsay is still on board. We stand behind her."

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Tyra Banks loves to make a spectacle of herself and she adores being the center of attention. With that horrifying weave and that ugly outfit, I think she should accomplish her goal! Tyra was celebrating the move of her talk show from Los Angeles to New York City. Read more!

Words Escape Me

Britney Spears is officially divorced from her loser ex, Kevin Federline. I think she can safely divorce her career success after new pictures have arisen of her looking like a hooker. Nothing she does surprises me, one would think she would try to have an ounce of class. Well, I can't wait to see this video! Read more!


The Simple Life has officially been canceled. This shouldn't come as a surprise to viewers who watched this season, it is completely scripted and not that interesting. I'm sure Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are glad to get away from this mess! Seasons one and two will live in my heart forever. Read more!

Single Jessica

All of the Jessica Alba sightings without her boyfriend Cash Warren are fueling the fire that they have broken up. After shopping for furniture, she hopped into her Prius to escape the paparazzi. It's all making sense now, she got the Prius to lure eco-friendly men such as Leonardo DiCaprio! Read more!

Hilary Theme

To keep it on the Hilary Duff theme, here are some pictures of her last night at Hollywood club, Area! She looks to be having a great time, I doubt thats juice she is sipping on! Read more!

Blind Item!

WHICH Hollywood beauty, who's been showing off her bikini bod lately, is fooling everyone with stories of diet and exercise? Friends say she's dropping the pounds the old-fashioned way - by snorting cocaine.

I don't know you all, I would say Courtney Love, but she isn't really a beauty. I'm thinking Hilary Duff. What are your thoughts?

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So Not Hot

PARTY princess Paris Hilton is $60 million out of pocket after her billionaire grandfather - appalled by her jail term for drink-driving offences - reportedly axed her inheritance.

Family patriarch Barron Hilton was already embarrassed by his granddaughter's wild behaviour - notably when her home sex video was leaked on the internet.

But the 79-year-old considered her 23-day sentence last month the last straw, a Hilton biographer says.

"He now doesn't want to leave unearned wealth to his family."

The money will go to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, the charity set up in the name of the founder of the family business

Whatever will our little Paris do? Time to put out another sex tape!

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