Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bringing UglyBack?

Paris Hilton is subjecting yet another pint-sized canine to what life is like as an accessory. The poor little thing must have been terrified. Just wait until it finds out that her dogs are disposable like last season's Prada bag. The horror!

The pants are horrendous, but I give credit where it is due, at least she hired a driver! Read more!

Not So Fresh

Fresh off of a flight from LAX, Hilary Duff and her bodyguard Troy were spotted picking up some snacks and DVDs in Winnipeg. In the parking lot she appeared to be having a grand old time with two VERY large men! Read more!

Icky Jess

Paparazzi caught Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake outside of the Arclight last night. Jessica Biel looks absolutely ecstatic to be photographed with JT. Please, the bitch probably called the paparazzi herself! Read more!


Dare I say Jessica Simpson is looking more and more like the Jessica of Newlyweds fame? Let's hope she puts the 2006 year behind her and brings back the Jess we know and love. Accompanied by her dog Daisy, she shot scenes for her new movie, Major Movie Star. Read more!

No Doubt

There is no doubt that Hayden Christensen is super hot! There also no doubt that he is gay! He is trying to dispell this rumor by dressing horribly and "dating" Rachel Bilson. The duo was spotted furniture shopping in LA on Friday. How serious! Read more!

Never Been Known

Ashanti has never been known for her fashion sense and apparently, she doesn't want to start now! She seems to have stolen Nicole Richie's wardrobe from her over-sized glasses to her printed dress. We'll leave the Nelly-screwing to you, leave the fashion to Nicole! Read more!

Screw Family!

Upon her family's arrival in Las Vegas to "rescue" her, Britney Spears promptly flew back to Los Angeles! Screw family, nothing makes you feel better than clubbing in Hollywood with another random guy! Read more!

For Lindsay Lohan, things keep getting worse! Her new thriller, I Know Who Killed Me, not only got panned by critics, but also bombed at the box office! She needs new agents and she needs to choose her scripts better! Read more!

Matt Damon has a lot to be glad about these days! He's got a new movie that will certainly do very well and a nice Mercedes! He had his hands full with coffee and shopping bags yesterday in Los Angeles. Read more!


Although it was sunny, Kirsten Dunst managed to make the weather seem miserable while out shopping yesterday. She seems to possess amazing ability in that she can suck the life out of any room or photo that she is in. Gloom and doom! Read more!

Hand Outs

Amy Winehouse is a very giving person! While out with her husband, she took some time to give the paparazzi some pastries and candy. While I'd like to think it was a nice gesture, something tells me it was just so that she didn't have to eat them herself! Read more!

Sienna In The City

Sienna Miller and her sister were spotted in the Big Apple Thursday. From afar, I can definitely see the resemblance! Read more!

Fly, Hilary

With Lindsay Lohan noticeably absent from the scene, the next best thing to stalk is evidently her former rival, Hilary Duff. Hilary appeared rather content while trekking through LAX, we all know Hilary parties like LL, just on the down low! Read more!

Crazy Paris

We all know that Hollywood has the reputation of housing some crazy stars. Paris Hilton, very "Damaged" from her jail stint, was spotted going into her psychiatrist. Oh, to hear the undoubtedly interesting conversations that occur there! Read more!


All of my problems are solved and I can begin posting regularly again! Thank you for bearing with me! There has been plenty of juicy gossip in this past week, particularly with my favorite drama queen, Lindsay Lohan! Hopefully an LL sighting won't be too far off! Read more!

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