Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Anyone who has seen Paula Abdul's new show "Hey Paula" probably has deep concerns for her well-being. She clearly has got some serious problems which is eerily reminiscent of Anna Nicole Smith. The pint-sized judge was on hand for the New York premiere of Hairspray. No one told Paula Abdul that this wasn't an inhalant party, it was a movie premiere. Whoops! Read more!

The One

Although she is no longer with Victoria's Secret, Gisele Bundchen still books jobs! She celebrated the release of her new fragrance with Dolce and Gabbana called "The One." Who wouldn't want to smell like a supermodel (sans the booze and cigarettes)? Read more!


This Scientology thing seems to be doing quite a number on Katie Holmes' face. Katie supported her fellow Scientologist, the equally crazy, John Travolta who dresses in drag for the film "Hairspray." Take note children, practice this religion and watch your sanity slowly leave you. You've been warned! Read more!


If I was a drug addict and an alcoholic trying to change my ways, I wouldn't be going to Vegas and I wouldn't be hitting L.A's club scene. Unfortunately, I am not Lindsay Lohan and she has her own way of doing things. It's been reported that she has an alcohol monitoring device on and is getting tested daily. I challenge you to find an L.A club for adults that is booze free! LaLohan hit up Winston's in a relatively conservative outfit. Read more!


I can see that a month hasn't changed much! Keira Knightley still insists on wearing her gladiator sandals and fedoras while her boyfriend elects on wearing manpris and an open chested shirt. Change can be beautiful my loves! Read more!

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