Sunday, July 15, 2007


Cameron Diaz caught some waves and some sun on a Malibu beach earlier. Cam loves her some nature and she is ripped like a man! Read more!

No Attention!

Britney Spears has never been one to attract attention to herself, naturally to camouflage herself, she elected to sport a hot pink wig on her way to Millenium dance studios. Bright girls and bright wigs seem to go hand in hand! Read more!

Sweet Honeymoon

Eva Longoria's honeymoon was cut a bit short due to filming for "Desperate Housewives." The newlyweds looked happy in each other's company, but I doubt they were happy to leave the Caribbean! Read more!

Mother and DAUGHTER

Some pop stars appear to be having mother problems, Jessica Simpson is not one of them! Even though her love life and career may not be going too well, the girl sure looks like she is having fun! Jess and her momma attended a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show in Miami Beach! Read more!

Love Animals

Like much of young Hollywood, Hilary Duff has professed her love of cute little animals, preferably, pint-sized dogs! Hilary and one of her canines supported the Much Love Animal Rescue benefit last night. She glowed in a dark purple dress and smoky make-up, ME-OW! Read more!

Loves Her

Paris Hilton loves to surround herself with people who love here even more than she loves herself. Trust me, that is a lot! Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat Doll fame appears to be one of those people! Paris seemed to have a grand old time at Rock and Republic's fifth anniversary party. Read more!


Lindsay Lohan, the product of two rehab stints was spotted in Las Vegas partying it up at Pure. Honestly, is there any worse place for an alcoholic and drug addict to go than Las Vegas? At least it appears that she is sipping on Red Bull, we know how LL likes to slip some alcohol into her innocent looking drinks! Read more!

Thank You!

Thank you for the inquiries about my well-being! I can assure you that I am doing fine, there have just been unavoidable circumstances that have prevented me from updating. Trust me, it's harder on me than it is on readers, I really enjoy blogging! I will do my absolute best to update more until I can get everything fixed. Thank you and sorry! Read more!

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