Friday, June 22, 2007

Cleans Up Well

Shortly after her horrific appearance in Soho, Mischa Barton made another appearance for Keds for whom she is the spokesperson. Her skin glowed and her hair looked flawless, she cleans up so well! Read more!

Wigging Out

The thing that gets Kelly Osbourne the most attention is her weight and her hair! So naturally, she was in New York with Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthey sporting a ridiculous wig. I actually thought that brown hair looked lovely. Read more!

Loves Her Some Mexican

Remember all of those derogatory comments Jessica Alba made about Mexicans? You know, that the women just love to spread their seeds and that she didn't relate to them? The very MEXICAN Jessica has no problem showing her face for a Mexico premiere and conference for Fantastic Four! I'm sure the reporters had some very interesting questions for her! Read more!

Mischa Barton is back in her childhood stomping grounds of New York City. She picked up some gadgets from the Apple store in Soho. You may not know it, but I actually adore Mischa. I just don't understand her unfortunate choice in clothing, hats and shoes. Maybe she should just prance around in a bikini all day. Read more!


Ashlee Simpson has resorted to attending lame parties such as the Longest Day Of The Year party she went to yesterday. I think her make-up looks quite nice, I just don't think pink is her color! Read more!

Knew It!

The results are in and Eddie Murphy is the baby daddy of Mel B's baby! I'm normally not all for women taking all of the man's money, but in this case, milk him for all his scum bag ass is worth! Read more!

To have fun and get in shape, Lindsay Lohan has taken up boxing! I'm not sure how good a fighter Ms. Lohan is, steal her booze and cocaine and I'll be she can get pretty nasty! Read more!

It's been reported that Jessica Simpson dropped 25 pounds in the past month! Judging from these pictures, I'm thinking that MIGHT be a bit of a stretch, but there is no doubt that she is working out lik a mad woman! Once again, she looks quite happy to be doing it! Read more!

I'm not sure if Britney Spears could have chosen a shorter dress! In a curve hugging dress, she dined at Benvenuto with her cousin Allie. Her legs look okay, her hair is a mess, but the girl has a great butt! Read more!

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