Thursday, June 21, 2007

Of Course

Britney Spears visited her divorce attorney yesterday and naturally the paparazzi had to film her every moment! She didn't bother brushing her hair and was sporting some deadly looking heels! Read more!

Dita Von Teese looked very fabulous at the Very Lingerie Premium Party thrown in Tokyo today. I'm not sure what this woman does other than dance in a martini glass and go to lingerie events, but do what you've gotta to make ends meet! Read more!

Perfect Op

A very "sober" Tara Reid was spotted outside of LA club Hyde and she decided it was the perfect moment to flaunt her relationship! That kiss was probably as sloppy as Tara looks, ew! Read more!


We all have our different opinions of proper clothing to exercise in. Most people would elect to wear a track suit or some sweat pants, but Eva Mendes decided to work out in jeans and heels! Lets hope she had something more practical in her bag! Read more!

Major Cornball

Jessica Simpson is whipping her body into shape for her new movie, "Major Movie Star." She seemed awfully happy to be working out too! Great product placement with the Fuze water! Read more!

A TRend

Do you see a trend? It seems the Madden brothers enjoy overly thin, blonde women! Benji Madden and girlfriend Sophie Monk grabbed some Coffee Bean in LA yesterday. I'm sure she takes her coffee black with no sugar! Read more!

Angie's Family

Angelina Jolie doesn't like to stay in one place for too long, so she jetted off to Prague from New York City! Brad Pitt and Angelina dropped little Maddox off at school. Those veins concern me, they look deadly! Read more!

Norway Love

Despite some not so nice comments last week, Jessica Biel is still clinging onto her man, Justin Timberlake. Something tells me she is way more into it than him! Read more!

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