Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Being in the room with those two women is great fun. It's like sitting down with Roosevelt and Churchill. Only much better-looking. -Brad Pitt on being with Angelina Jolie and Marianne Pearl

Give Brad Pitt credit for being imaginitive!
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Daddy Married

Here are some pictures of Kimberly Stewart arriving in Santa Margherita for yet another one of her father's weddings. She has probably gotten so used to her dad marrying a new hoochie every year that she just doesn't care enough to dress for the occasion! Read more!

Ash Spends Cash

Ashlee Simpson dropped some dough in Malibu where she shopped with a friend. What a foolish girl, if you are going to spend thousands on plastic surgery, you might as well flaunt it! Read more!

Miss It

Jessica Alba and her boyfriend Cash Warren were spotted leaving a Manhattan hotel on Tuesday and as usual, she had a sour look on her face. Those pants highlight how amazing her legs ar, it's a shame her attitude isn't great. I also don't recommend her new flick Fantastic Four, it is far from fantastic and quite a bore! Read more!


***Sorry for my brief hiatus, I am back in business!***

After spending a short time in Venice, Tara REID is back in the States. She attended a party thrown by LG yesterday and she either got new implants or she is wearing a push-up bra. The purpose of breast implants is so that you don't NEED a push-up bra. Silly Tara! Read more!

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