Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Random Pairing

Here is a very odd combination. Victoria Beckham and baseball! The anorexic, money grubbing whore threw out the ceremonial pitch in a Dodgers vs. Mets game. We're sure the audience was thoroughly confused! Read more!


Mary-Kate Olsen is sporting the bleach blonde hair again. She is back in California, with her token Starbucks. MK without Starbucks is like me without Tivo, sad and lonely! Read more!


Kate Winslet was spotted in Paris looking very glam. It is possible that she was filming her new movie that also stars Leonardo DiCaprio. Can't wait! Read more!


Mel B aka Scary Spice was spotted in LA wearing a very hippie inspired outfit. Eddie Murphy submitted his DNA yesterday, let's hope she milks that scumbag for all he is worth! Read more!

Hef's Hoes

Hugh Hefner and if girlfriends love the cameras and we are sure they have deep, unbridled love for Hef too! They hammed it up for the cams at The Monte Carlo Television Festival. My personal fave is Kendra Wilkinson and she had better be getting paid big bucks to be the least favorite! Read more!

Nip Slip

Not content with her old party buddy, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears spent a night out on the town and her strap conviently dropped. Oops! Britney, didn't your handlers tell you that nip slips are SO 2005? Read more!

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