Monday, June 11, 2007

Too Beautiful

Is there such a thing as being too beautiful? I think Brazilian supermodel, Alessandra Ambrosio comes unbelievably close! The gorgeous model signed autographs and posed at New York's Armani Exchange. Too bad I missed out on that! Read more!

No Hero

Tara Reid made an appearance at the 18th Annual A Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival in LA yesterday. I doubt she has the funds necessary to donate to a charity, what she does have she probably spends on booze. Just keep her away from the children! Read more!


Kelly Clarkson is on the new voer of Elle magazine. All I want to know is who airbrushes for them? Amazing! Secondly, who is the makeup artist because they failed miserably. Read more!


Gwenyth Paltow'd approach to life seems to be to bore the paparazzi into going away. She may have succeeded. The boooooring actress walked in Santa Monica with a boring dress and boring sunglasses. YAWN! Read more!

The Other Hilton

With the other Hilton incarcerated, the paparazzi have gained interest in her sister Nicky Hilton. It appears that Nicky is not such an attention whore and doesn't revel in being stalked. It's nice to see someone remotely level-headed in the family! Read more!

Shrek The Third For The Millionth Time

Shrek The Third has had yet another premiere, this one in London. She looked astounding and her makeup looked better than it has in awhile! Read more!

Hilton Reformed?

Hilton said jail and the chaos surrounding her sentence have made her realize she must clean up her act.
"I used to act dumb," she told Walters in the exclusive phone conversation. "That act is no longer cute. Now, I would like to make a difference. ... God has given me this new chance."
Hilton confirmed to Walters just how terrible her initial three days in jail were. It might explain why she cried when she was handcuffed and transported back to jail from her Hollywood home.
"I was not eating or sleeping," she said. "I was severely depressed and felt as if I was in a cage. ... It was a horrible experience."
The unusual jailhouse call came about because Kathy Hilton, Paris' mother, phoned Walters. During the conversation, Paris rang in on another line. When told that Kathy was talking to Walters, Paris said she'd like to speak to Walters herself.
Walters then agreed to accept a collect call from Paris in jail. All prisoners are required to call collect.
Nicky Hilton, Paris' younger sister, described the jailed debutante as "being strong" on her way out of a jailhouse visit on Sunday. In a statement earlier that day, Paris directed her lawyers not to appeal her sentence and urged the media to focus on more important things like Iraq. Read more!

Lucky Charm

Eva Longoria was on the sidelines cheering on her man, Tony Parker at the NBA Finals last night. She seemed to be just the lucky charm they needed as the Spurs beat the Cavs again, leading the series 2-0! Read more!

He Likes Big Butts

After losing a major tennis tournament, Serena Williams and her boyfriend flew to Miami Beach for a little R&R. This should end all rumors that Serena is a man, that is all woman and from the looks of it, her boyfriend loves it! Read more!


The next leg of Jessica Alba's Fantastic Four promotion tour has left her in London! She shopped and even cracked a smile for some paparazzi. Ice queen! Read more!

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