Sunday, June 10, 2007

No Love For Ferg

JUST when we thought LILY ALLEN had stopped slating all and sundry she rants that Black Eyed Peas singer FERGIE is "pathetic and ridiculous".

The feisty 22-year-old has had spats with CHERYL COLE and AMY WINEHOUSE.

Now her target is the Black Eyed Peas' track Humps about boobs.

She said: "It's not good for seven-year-olds to be going 'My humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps'. It's not about music, it's about sex.

Thank you captain obvious! How insightful this girl is! I am usually all for Fergie bashers, but since Lily Allen is probably an even bigger idiot, I can't commend with her.

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Starbucks Girl

Mary-Kate Olsen is such a cliche it girl! With her designer back and Starbucks in tow, MK walked the streets of Zuma Beach. Read more!

Next Groupie

I can totally see Hayden Panetierre becoming the next Paris Hilton. She went to John Mayer's after party, we know John loves blondes so watch out! Read more!

Like Sister

Rachel Bilson and her little sister had a nice little shopping spree yesterday in Santa Monica. I'm shocked that Rachel didn't give her sis a little fashion advice, tie-dye and cowboy boots? Not stylish! Read more!

Next Thing?

Something tells me that Pee-Wee Herman and Carmen Electra will not be Hollywood's next hot couple! They attended Spike TV's First Annual Guys Choice Awards and I'm willing to bet the guys would much rather look at Carmen! Read more!

Out Of Town

With all of Hollywood's IT girls incarcerated, in rehab and out of town, the paparazzi have resorted to shooting other starlets. The VERY underage Hayden Panetierre was spotted coming out of Parc last night. Read more!

The Picks

Victoria Beckham is back in Los Angeles whoring it up for the paparazzi. She showed off her sexy toothpicks in a revealing outfit. Read more!

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