Saturday, June 9, 2007

Bout To Pop

Julia Roberts is really about to pop! She showed up at a party looking very large, fueling rumors that she is expecting yet another set of twins! Read more!


Jessica Alba sparkled at the Rome photocall for the Fantastic Four sequel yesterday. Her outfits have been on point so far on her promotional tour! Read more!

Loves Sir Paul

Kate Moss was spotted at a Paul McCartney concert and was photographed without her boytoy, Pete Doherty. At least she has good taste in some areas! Read more!

Bun In The Oven

Naomi Watts was spotted in SoHo looking very pregnant, I have the utmost respect for women who carry that much weight on their back and still manage to have a job. More power to you! Read more!


I've never thought of Amy Winehouse to be attractive, especially since she has found ANA or heroin or whatever her drug of choice is. She does look a little bit better without all that ridiculous eye liner smeared on her face! She looked painfully thin walking the streets of London yesterday morning. Read more!

A Step Up

Jessica Simpson and BFF Ken Paves were spotted at 3AM at Sunset Marquis and while her clothing didn't look very nice, she at least got her hair did! Read more!

Wonder What She Got?

Keira Knightley and her boyfriend dined at the fancy Le Relais de Venise in London last night. At least Nicole Richie does phto-ops with food, I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen Keira eating in a picture! Read more!

Out Of Place

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz looked very out of place at Kanye West's 30th BIRTHDAY party at Louis Vuitton in NYC! Who rocks the eyeliner better? Read more!

Best Legs?

Venus named Rihanna Celebrity Legs Of A Goddess for 2007. Her legs are okay, but as far as celebrities go, I have DEFINITELY seen better! Jay-Z probably paid them to say that! Read more!

Can You Say?

Avril Lavigne and Shakira dined at Crustacean yesterday, can you say photo-op? I mean seriously, what do these two second rate performers have in common except NO taste in fashion? Read more!

So Soon

Britney Spears left Hawaii after a very short vacation with her baby, Jayden James in her arms. Say what you will about Britney, but she genuinely loves her children! Read more!

Photog Love

Lindsay Lohan's friends love the attention from the paparazzi almost as much as she does! Once again, she conveniently "exercised" on a balcony for the world to see yesterday. Maybe she was celebrating Paris Hilton's reincarceration! I hope those are rehab buddies, if they are outside friends, what's to stop them from bringing LL her booze and coke? Read more!

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