Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Not So Bad

Making a not so disastrous appearance at the Glamour Women of the Year event was Sienna Miller. Sienna sported a new hair color and was seen schmoozing with several different man. Play on playa! Read more!

Going Strong

We haven't seen Kate Moss and Pete Doherty in awhile. No need to fret, the disastrous duo is still going strong! They strolled in Cotswold yesterday. Read more!

Trashy Barbie

Trashy Barbie AKA Victoria Beckham looked trashtastic at the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards in London. Even though she looks like a lollipop, has her head up her ass and dresses like a total whore, she looks kind of hot! Read more!


I can't understand why this woman is so into herself, she looks unbelievable trashy to me. Katie Price AKA Jordan launched her new New Novel Crystal today in London. She also revealed that she is expecting a girl! The poor thing! Read more!

Not Hiding

After some crazy pictures of Vanessa Minillo and Lindsay Lohan surfaced on the internet, Vanessa and her man, Nick Lachey made their first public appearance together last night for the opening of Club Joseph in Hollywood. A not so flattering article was posted about her today in the NY Post. Hm.. Read more!

Tricky Girl

Victoria Beckham enjoyed some shopping at Barney's yesterday, spending her husband's money! Oh Victoria, we know you are trying to break into Hollywood and I also hear that you are taking acting lessons! Work on those skills of "acting" like you hate paparazzi, we all know you love the attention! Read more!


Anyone who caught Making The Band 3 knows that Aubrey O'Day was TOTALLY banging Diddy! So it's natural that she would attend his CFDA Awards after-party! She looked like she had a VERY good time! Read more!

Crazy Pills

Britney Spears stopped at a Rexal Drugstore earlier this week. Hope she got a refill for her crazy pills (and maybe some Pro-Activ), lord knows she needs them! Read more!

She Eats!

With a skinny physique and pale skin, who knew Kirsten Dunst ate? She was in London on the set of her new movie "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People." Hmm, I am definitely missing the Bring It On days! Read more!

The Positives

Evreyone knows I like Kate Bosworth and that I am so pleased she took the steps needed to gain weight. At the CFDA fashion awards, she just wasn't looking too good. With the hot lights and flash of the cameras that scrutinize every little thing, it definitely would have been a good idea to put more makeup on. As for the dress, I can't fathom how someone could think it is cute or fashion forward. Read more!


Christina Aguilera loves to get into costume, her husband's 30th birthday was no exception! Rocking a Hawaiian theme, Christina looks like the life of the party. Jordan Bratman on the other hand.. he just has the same odd expression on his face all of the time. Read more!

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