Monday, June 4, 2007


Without the guidance of BFF Paris Hilton, Elisha Cuthbert must go it alone! She looked absolutely amazing at the CFDA Fashion Awards today. Everything from her hair to her makeup to her jewelry to her clutch and her dress was on point! This is the best I have ever seen her look! Read more!

Bold And Beautiful

Eva Mendes made a bold fashion statement at the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York today. She wore bright pink and wore her hair down in a style she seldomly uses. Muy Caliente! Read more!

Who Rocks Them Better?

Cameron Diaz and Victoria Beckham after realizing they are wearing the same stilettos. Who rocks them better? Read more!


These pictures of Paris Hilton leaving her home for the MTV Movie Awards make me pity her even more! She seemed so happy to be going there, she had no idea what was in store for her! Read more!

Katherine Heigl's new movie Knocked Up did an amazing job at the box office bringing in almost 30 million dollars! Meanwhile, she was in Providence, RHode Island of all places. I bet she didn't expect the paparazzi would get these shots! Make-up is your friend! Read more!


After performing in London, Beyonce was spotted wearing a very mod outfit with a little boy (perhaps her nephew) in the streets. I've gotta admit, when Beyonce piles on the eye shadow, it comes off a bit tranny, she is beautiful so she can rock the natural look. Read more!

Next Hot Thing

After the MTV Movie Awards, Amanda Bynes hit up Hyde looking iced out! For some reason, I just dont foresee Amanda becoming the next Lindsay Lohan or Tara Reid. Read more!


PARIS Hilton’s jail term may have been halved but it will feel twice as long – because she’ll be locked up with her creepily obsessed No 1 fan.

We can reveal that the Twit Girl’s new roomie is Kelly Matthew and if there was a degree in Paris Hilton she would pass with flying colours and the odd
restraining order.

Staff at Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, California, have hand-picked the jail bird to share Paris’s 23-day prison spell, which will begin tomorrow.

The self-appointed Ex-con Factor judges claim they were looking for somebody who wouldn’t cash in on the socialite’s stay.
And they felt posho Kelly was a worthy winner, because she is also doing porridge for reckless driving and is quiet and well-bred.

But prison staff of all people should know that the quiet ones are always ten kinds of strange. Our insider said: “It’s like something out of the film Misery.

“It turns out Kelly is obsessed with Paris’s Simple Life TV show and greedily devours any magazines or newspapers with gossip about her favourite heiress.”

Kelly is so passionate about the heir head, she can quote passages from her books Tongue In Chic: Paris Hilton’s Confessions Of An Heiress.

She is possibly the only straight woman – apart from Paris – to own a copy of the blonde’s sex tape, Inside Paris.

Our source added: “Kelly is already in the cell awaiting Paris’s arrival. She has even stored up some sweet snacks to share with Paris when she arrives.”

Paris, 26, would probably rather eat her own face than accept her cellmate’s paltry offerings, so she celebrated her last night of freedom at Mr Chow in Beverly Hills.

The in-no-way melodramatic socialite branded it The Last Supper, because she believes she has been crucified by the justice system and media. And she wore a white frock and a crucifix bracelet, left, to drive the point home.

We must have missed the passage in the Bible where Jesus was imprisoned for driving with a suspended licence. But we’re sure her disciple Kelly will see the similarities and will worship her like the Goddess she believes she is.
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The size 0 star, who is married to soccer star David Beckham, has lost weight while she has been house hunting in Los Angeles and is now reportedly concerned about the loose skin on her upper arms.
A source told Britain's Grazia magazine: "Victoria has always hated her saggy stomach. But now she's become paranoid about her arms because they're much more exposed - she thinks it's a real sign of ageing."

David is allegedly encouraging the 33-year-old to tone up her arms with exercise, rather than resort to a surgical procedure called brachioplasty which removes loose skin on the upper arms.
The source added: "Victoria knows exercise will take forever to work. She feels under enormous pressure to look the part when she arrives in Los Angeles as everyone will be scrutinising her."

A sign of a disorder is delusion. I don't know what possess her to believe her arms were flabby.

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Bad Hair Day

Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman were out and about in New York yesterday, Christina was rocking a curious head piece. She rocks it, Britney Spears should take a page from her book and cover her nappy hair extensions. Read more!

Still Thonging

Apparently, having her ass plastered on sites all over the world wasn't enough, Britney Spears wanted more. So yesterday she wore another revealing bathing suit except this time, it wasn't very flattering! Thats what you get for wanting more! Read more!

Swarovski Love

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen love attending events together and flaunting their wealth. They have become a staple to the New York scene showing up together wearing very different outfits. I personally like Mary-Kate Olsen better because she seems to have more personality and I love her bohemian chic look, I'm also a fan of Ashley's sophisticated look. They walked the carpet at the Swarovski CFDA Nominee and Honoree Dinner. Read more!

That's Hot

As far as mugshots go, Paris Hilton's might take the cake for the most fabulous one. Of course, she does have an advantage because she wasn't drunk or stoned when the picture was taken. Paris surrendered to jail last night shortly after the MTV Movie Awards and after that humiliation, I can't blame her! Read more!

Personal Fave

My personal favorite moment of the MTV Movie Awards was seeing Johnny Depp come on stage to accept two awards. He works the dirty look like no other! Read more!

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