Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sarah Insults Paris

Here is the video of Sarah Silverman insulting Paris Hilton in front of the crowd at the MTV Movie Awards. Although I am not the biggest Paris fan, I thought this was lame.

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Not A Trend

For some reason, i don't see this look being a trend that will catch on. Try again Sienna Miller! She partied it up at Kabaret in London and from the looks of it, had a great time! Did I metion that I hate Fedoras on girls? Read more!

Last Hoorah

Anyone watching the Awards? I've gotta say, this was the first time I genuinely felt AWFUL for Paris Hilton. If you haven't seen Sarah Silverman making fun of her, I'm sure it will be replayed tomorrow. I may not be the biggest Paris fan, but she has guts to sit there. Read more!

Doesn't Do It

Fergie will never do it for me, her face just looks so plastic and dirty. Maybe her, Jessica Biel and Cameron Diaz can talk about Justin Timberlake together! Read more!


Speaking of legs, DAMN, Cameron Diaz has an amazing pair, probably better than Jessica Biel's! I wonder if she will run into Jessica Biel, that would be an interesting exchange! Read more!


Personally, I see nothing remarkable about Jessica Biel, sure she has a nice body, but she seems unbelievably bland. She was probably just at the Awards to look pretty, I don't think she was in any good movies this year. Read more!

Last I Checked

I have no idea why Trashy Barbie AKA Victoria Beckham was at the event. I can hate on her and state how pretentious she is, but she has nice legs! I'd much rather see her hubby David Beckham! Read more!

Love It Or Leave It?

Rihanna's new look at the MTV Movie Awards, love it or leave it? I personally think she looks like a little boy with the haircut and I hate it! Read more!

MTV Movie Awards

I was thinking from the beginning that the MTV Movie Awards would be kind of lame, but there were actually some big celebrities there, although for every A lister, there were 10 MTV Z-Listers! Jessica Alba looked amazing on the red carpet. Remember last year when she hosted? She has the least personality out of any celebrity, she makes up for it in looks! Read more!

Thonging For Attention

Britney Spears and her cousin frolicked on the beach in Mexico and acted like they didn't know the paparazzi were there. A person who wears a THONG to the beach both expects and wants to be watched! I'm just glad she is getting that body back! Read more!

Happy Now

Paris Hilton really confuses me. She is no longer walking around looking solemn, on Saturday she stopped by Coffee Bean and looked very cheerful. She must be heavily medicated! Read more!


I always wonder why some people go out of their way to look odd. Keira Knightley and her boyfriend, Rupert are an example of this. Keira is a beautiful girl, she has a very skinny body (and probably doesn't eat to achieve it) so I wonder why she hides it? The circus act enjoyed London today. Read more!

Paparazzi Hater

Does this look like the face of someone who hates the paparazzi? Being photographed is all Jessica Alba is really good for, she isn't much of an actress. You know it makes her feel important and she loves every second of it! Read more!

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