Saturday, June 2, 2007

Crazy Lindsay

Pictures have surfaced of Lindsay Lohan with none other than Vanessa Minillo in some sory of coked out, boozed up knife escapade. This happened a few months ago! All I have to say is.. how random and odd! Who knew Samantha Ronson wasn't Lindsay's first girlfriend? I wonder what Nick would have to say about this!

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The Tides Turn

A few days ago, Jessica Alba went on a rant about how paparazi's were disgusting and how it shouldn't be considered a job. I wonder why she went out of her way to eat at the publicity whore eatery, Mr. Chows yesterday with beau Cash Warren? Read more!

Small Army

Heidi Klum and the small army known as her children spent a day of fun in the sun Friday in New York City! Heidi and what looks to be her father and a nanny enjoyed all the cuty has to offer, sans Seal! Read more!

Underage Drinking

We know Emma Watson loves to get her drink on! Even though she is shy of the drinking age, photos of her materialized a few years back kicking back Coronas! She attended the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation Party which I'm sure was for a good cause, but we all know Emma just went for the free booze! She must have been drunk when choosing that outfit! Read more!

No Use

Paris Hilton has never been one to turn down swag and although in a few days, all the amterial possessions in the world won't matter, she still felt it necessary to attend the MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge Thursday. Paris, you are not an actress, leave the Movie Awards to the actors. Read more!


Christina Aguilera looked phenomenal at the MUV Tv Awards in Russia. All I can say is wow, the girl looks on point! Read more!

Eva and Jessica, Who Is Hotter?

Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria were on hand for the NCLR ALMA Awards yesterday. Both looked amazing, it is hard to determine who looked better! I am happy to see Jessica playing with new looks and Eva pretty much always looks perfect. Read more!

Another Gym Girl

Another girl working out at the gym is Paris Hilton. Although Paris and Lindsay may be working out for different reasons. Paris so that she isn't made into someone's bitch and Lindsay Lohan so she doesn't gain too much rehab weight. I've gotta admit, Paris isn't much to look at from behind, then again, she hasn't got much to offer from the front either! Read more!

Killers Fan

I've gotta be honest, Michelle Trachtenberg does even less than Paris Hilton, yet she shows up at events acting awfully pretentious! The only saving grace for her is that she is a Killers fan. Michelle enjoyed a concert at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Vegas yesterday. Read more!

Wal-Mart Girl

For some reason, Jennifer Lopez doesn't strike me as the Wal-mart type of girl. This woman has hundreds of millions of dollars, yet she performed at Wal-Mart shareholders meeting in Fayetteville, Arkansas yesterday.

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