Friday, June 1, 2007


Robin Thicke likes cocaine! He said the following :Cocaine’ is about a feeling, it’s about a time, a scene, about the appeal of when people you think are cool are doing something. It’s about what you think is cool and do you want to feel left out of something, do you want to be the only one that’s not doing it, peer pressure situations,” Thicke told reporters. “When I wrote that song… I had some old friends that were doing it, I had made some new friends that were doing it, and I was traveling from New York to L.A., and it seemed like it was everywhere and I felt like nobody was talking about it. Everyone was acting like it’s done and it doesn’t exist and yet it was in every bathroom at every party, it was all over the place. And how cool is that? I believe in drugs as a form of celebration.

Now normally I would say drugs like marijuana and LSD do promote free-thinking, but cocaine? It is highly addictive and horrible for you, I can't support this promotion of drugs, look where it got Lindsay Lohan!

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Keep Those Puppies

Hilary Swank really needs to work on keeping that smile under wraps! Not only does it make her look like a horse, it also makes her eyes look very odd and it appears to be giving her crows feet. Take the Victoria Beckham approach! She blinded us at Blue Planet Run in NY earlier today. Read more!

With less than four days left of freedom, Paris Hilton is living it up. She attended the Blackberry Curve launch yesterday. Too bad she won't be able to use hers for three weeks! Read more!

Rehab Pounds

Everyone knows that going to rehab can make you gain a lot of weight. Without the aide of cocaine and oxycontin to supress her appetite, LIndsay Lohan has had to resort to keeping trim the old fashioned way. Going to the gym! She left rehab briefly with her body guard and got her workout on! Read more!


Avril Lavigne showed her kindness while on Lindsay Lohan's turf, AKA The Roosevelt in LA. Sweet Avril, you look SOOO cool flipping people off. So punk rock! Read more!

The Hippie Look

With other celebs copying her look, Nicole Richie might consider another reinvention, the hippie look is a bit played out! Nicole showed off arguably her best asset, her legs, while out in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. Read more!

Bringing Out The Best

Blackberry and T-Mobile events always seem to bring out the biggest celebrities. Eva Longoria and pal Marcia Cross were on hand for the launch of Blackberry Curve. Eva looked great while Marcia looked a bit.. "motherly." Read more!

No Effort

After her big blowup with John Mayer over the weekend, it appears that Jessica Simpson isn't putting much effort into her wardrobe. She rocked some sweats while shopping at a general store. Read more!

Busy Girl

After allegations that Nicole Richie was in rehab, she has been making a big effort to be out and about more. First she enjoyed some shopping and next she went to a Disney Couture event. Doesn't look like they missed their buddy LL! Read more!

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