Thursday, May 31, 2007


Adriana Lima attended a Dance For Tolerance event in New York City today looking stunning as usual. I would love to see some video from the event, what could be better than seeing a Brazilian super model dancing? Read more!

Night And Day

The differences between Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are like night and day. Christina never leaves the house with a hair out of place, has a steady relationship and isn't out clubbing every night. Britney has none of those. It's nice to see that some young stars can end up handling the spotlight! Read more!

Workin Out

Anna Kournikova has been looking quite thin, apparently she doesn't think so! She was spotted in Miami leaving a gym, hopefully she is gaining muscle and not just losing fat! Read more!


After several pictures of Kate Winslet filming Revolutionary Road, we finally have some pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio in action. Enjoy! Read more!

Greasy Bear

Almost exactly a year ago, Brandon Davis unleashed a rant that would go down in history, coining a phrase that still haunts redheads around the world to this day. He has finally decided to show his oily face again, unfortunately, he still hasn't invested in some pro-activ! Other winners who attended include whores Calum Best and Kim Kardashian! Glad I wasn't invited! Read more!

Nelly Makes Odd Faces

Nelly Furtado makes odd faces. She clubbed in South Beach and to be honest, I just don't like her. I don't like the faces she makes, I don't like the sound of her voice and I really don't like her music. Read more!

Working Wonders

I love Kate Bosworth's boyfriend! I know virtually nothing about him, but he is awesome! He has done wonders for her, from encouraging her to eat, to just making her glow! The two enjoyed some clubbing in London on Tuesday. Read more!

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