Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Christina Aguilera's husband, Jordan Bratman isn't exactly easy on the eyes, but we're sure he has many other positive attributes! Christina enjoyed some time out with her fam over the weekend! Read more!

Get Your Head In The Game

Eva Longoria loves to watch her man play! Unlike some celebs we see at games who sit there just to look pretty, it appears Eva really enjoys the sport! And we enjoy watching her enjoy the sport! Read more!


A great body can't get you everything. Especially when you don't have a great face or much more to offer! Jennifer ANiston and BBF Courtney Cox-Arquette enjoyed Memorials Day with one another. At least one of them has a career! Read more!

Nicoles Love IT

Nicole Richie and Nicky Hilton attended Paris Hilton's Memorial Day party and from what we know, no celebs passed out or were sent to the ER! Click to enlarge the image, Nicky Hilton's feet look ROUGH! It pains me to see Nicole looking that thin again, she should just go to rehab with Lindsay Lohan and it could be like a slumber party! Read more!

The Bird

Maggie Gyllenhaal was in NO mood for the paparazzi over the weekend. After dining in West Village, she was not please to find photogs taking her pictures. Let me just say that Maggie isn't the best looking broad, she should be happy anyone actually wants to take her picture! I kid,I kid! Read more!

Nicky And Her Man

Before heading off to sister Paris Hilton's Memorial Day party, she enjoyed the beach with boyfriend David Katzenberg. With cameras following her more and more, will Nicky turn in to her sister Paris while she is away at jail? Doubtful! Read more!

Mommy Dearest

Recent new mommy Marcia Cross enjoyed an iced coffee while running errands in LA. Looking good for a new mother of twins! Read more!

Train Wreck

It's Britney mark two! Shortly before checking into rehab, Lindsay Lohan was passed out in her car with rumored girlfriend, Samantha Ronson! At this point, Lilo probably didn't care who saw her drunk and coked up. This definitely confirmed for any doubters that Lindsay isn't sober. But hey! At least she wasn't driving! Read more!

Looks like her Memorials Day wasn't too nice! Jessica Simpson and boyfriend, John Mayer had a very public argument in Los Cabos over the weekend, looks like it didn't turn out very well! Poor Jess, she looks genuinely distressed. That or it's a publicity stunt, and in that case, give this girl an Oscar! Let's hope your celebrations were better! Read more!


Lindsay Lohan is reportedly back in rehab at the Promises facility which famously had Britney Spears a few months back. I'm really rooting for LL, maybe this time she will take rehab more seriously and not just as a nice vacation. I must say, her timing is impeccable, she was due to start filming in a few days. This isn't the first time her antics have held up production. She was hospitalized during the filming of both George Rule and I Know Who Killed Me Read more!

Girls Got Bod

Nick Lachey's girl, Vanessa Minillo has quite a body! Now that she isn't hosting TRL anymore, she spends more and more time in LA. On Saturday she enjoyed some shopping. Read more!

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