Saturday, May 26, 2007

Before The DUI

Here are some pictures of Lindsay Lohan leaving a club, shortly before her DUI. I admit, we have seen her looking interesting while leaving clubs, but we have never seen her looking quite like this! Maybe this was her first relapse since rehab?

Wishful thinking! Read more!

Wasting Away

Most porn stars are voluptuous, not Jenna Jameson! The once curvaceous star is now thinner than ever. Just a month after making a ghastly appearance at her birthday part, JJ appears to be even THINNER! Get well Jenna, we want to see your curves back! Read more!

Jumping On the Bandwagon

My favorite party girl, Lindsay Lohan was cited for driving under the influence early this morning. Details so far are sparse, but we know Lindsay drove her Mercedes convertible into a curb. She was taken to the hospital for minor injuries where she was cited. She is due in court sometime next month.

Now, I'm not sure how serious this is or if she has been formally charged. My guess is if she was that inebriated, she would have been taken to jail like Paris Hilton. Read more!

It Gets Old

Paris Hilton is STILL walking around with he religious books, as if they will actually bring her luck or something. They must be paying her for all of this publicity. Read more!

Not In Hyding

Paris Hilton hasn't quite given up clubbing yet, but she is bringing rather odd guests with her to the clubs. The woman with her looks so out of place, not like the normal Parisite. How odd. Read more!

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