Friday, May 25, 2007


Lindsay Lohan learned a shocking thing yesterday. If you eat at The Ivy, you get photographed! Come on, the food isn't that good, everyone knows that is where the paps hang out. Maybe she should work on her acting skills, sometimes we forget that she is an actress! Read more!

Safety First

Michelle Rodriguez and her friends seem to be enjoying their time in Cannes. Whatever they are doing, it doesn't look very safe! Michelle showed off her bikini bod from afar while monkeying around! Read more!


Liz Hurley and her new hubby certainly didn't look very scared of their impending lawsuit at the Derby Magazine launch yesterday. I think she looks amazing for her age, very youthful. Now to my audience, I know that a lot of people hate this woman, my question is why? Comment and let me know! Read more!

It's What All The Cool Kids Are Doing

Beyonce and her man Jay-Z are in Monaco enjoying the weather today. Now in the past few weeks we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to bikini pics. This would definitely be in the good category! Read more!

Good Morning America

While Fergie isn't what I want to see early in the morning, she looked surprisingly decent in her performance for ABC's GMA today. She must have had her make-up artists up all night to create this look! Read more!

Film Away

Kate Winslet is in New York City filming her new film Revolutionary Road which also stars Leonardo DiCaprio and I for one am so excited to see Leo and Kate reunited in a movie! Even if the movie sucks (doubtful) I'm sure it will bring in great numbers. Too bad we'll have to wait til 2008! Read more!

You Aren't A Supermodel

THE butt-kicking starlets of "Grindhouse" were cozy with their directors in Cannes. After months of denying Page Six reports of their affair, the film's lead, Rose McGowan, and director Robert Rodriguez finally stepped out as a duo on the red carpet Wednesday night for the screening of "Death Proof," the Quentin Tarantino half of the ode to violent double features of the '70s. Their relationship broke up Rodriguez's marriage to one of the movie's producers. Sultry Rosario Dawson also found love on the set and walked arm in arm with Eli Roth, who directed the "Grindhouse" trailer for the fake horror flick "Thanksgiving." One Hollywood starlet was not so lucky in love on the Riviera. Jessica Simpson was at an exclusive party on a private yacht after the Vanity Fair party at the Hotel Du Cap Saturday night, but she wasn't fitting in with fellow guests. The part-time girlfriend of John Mayer "spent the whole night following Leonardo DiCaprio around like a lost puppy," said our source. "He just seemed freaked out and kind of ignored her." Simpson's rep could not be reached.

Silly Jess, everyone knows Leo only goes for supermodels!

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Already Desperate

Remember this picture of Victoria Beckham leaving a sex shop?
Poor old Victoria Beckham seems to be going a little stir crazy in Los Angeles.

In her native Britain, she's as famous as Princess Diana, but in L.A. she's not even the most interesting celebrity on the block.

So she staged a bizarre publicity visit Monday to the Pleasure Chest sex shop in West Hollywood, accompanied by a blowup doll dressed like her as a "decoy." How cheeky! The paparazzi were tipped off and waiting.

Her husband, David Beckham 's, $250M contact with the Galaxy soccer team kicks off in July. No doubt his arrival will get her some much-needed attention.

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New York Girl

Kate Hudson enjoyed a showing of Jersey Girl without Owen Wilson in Manhattan yesterday, and while leaving, she revealed her lack of cleavage in a sheer top. She still has a great body! Read more!

Who Invited

The Cannes premiere and after-party of Ocean's Thirteen was a star studded affair. So what was Bai Ling doing there? Of course, she was trying to steal the thunder of superstars George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon. Nice try though! Read more!

She Owns The Night

Eva Mendes looked remarkable at the Cannes premiere of "We Own The Night".. from the head up! The other half of her was kind of a mess. Not very flattering at all. The only positive is that it showed off her legs. Read more!

Soaking Up The Sun

Britney Spears soaked up the sun rays yesterday on a yacht in Marina Del Rey wearing an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny pink polka dot bikini! While she isn't restored her body to Britney circa 2002, it's pretty amazing after two kids! Read more!

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