Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oh Rose

Rose McGowan is still making scary appearances, this one at Cinema Against AIDS. This new pout pose is very reminiscent of the Olsen pout, it is not cute! It also draws attention to the face which is not a good idea in her case. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Read more!


Mischa Barton has looked absolutely amazing as of late. She has always been ebautiful, but she has had several fashion faux pas lately! She rocked the red lipstick at an event for Cinema Against AIDS. I wonder how long until she starts wearing potato sacks again! Read more!

Lindsay Lohan's 21st birthday party will be sponsored by a vodka company, according to her lawyer.

The actress' legal representative Mike Heller has revealed Svedka Vodka will be one of the sponsors of Lindsay's upcoming July birthday bash.

Heller told Us Weekly magazine: "This should be one of the best parties ever."

However, the star's representative is not willing to discuss her party plans, saying: "I am unaware of who is sponsoring Lindsay's birthday, as I am not the one planning it."

Lindsay - who reaches the landmark age on July 2 - checked into the Wonderland rehab centre in January, to be treated for alcoholism, following an all-night drinking binge at the Golden Globe Awards.

She is now a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, despite not yet being legally old enough to drink in the US.

Other sponsors include Las Vegas nightspots Pure nightclub, Caesars Palace and the Social House restaurant at Treasure Island, and the party is expected to take place in the city.

Lindsay's mother Dina recently confirmed her daughter is still attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

SOURCE Read more!

Angelina Lightens Up

Angelina Jolie is mostly photographed wearing black (we know black is slimming, but the girl is tiny!) It is wonderful to see her wearing such bright colors, she looked amazing at the premiere of Ocean's Eleven with her man, Brad Pitt! Read more!

NOT Bringin Sexy Back

They are no Justin Timberlake! Sharon Stone and Kylie Minogue did an impromptu dance on stage for an AIDS benefit in Cannes. Remember, it was for a good cause! Nothing like two plastic old women to get your blood pumping! Read more!

When Did

When did Britney Spears' son, Sean Preston get so damn cute?? Britney went dancing at Millenium Studios wearing an interesting outfit to say the least. Those extensions.. not so cute. Read more!

Oceans Thirteen

Oceans Thirteen premiered in Cannes, and it's just too much eye candy for one movie! I can't say I am feeling Brad's new hair do.. it's a bit too nerdy for him. Anyhow, more pics will be added soon, so stay tuned! Read more!


Carrie Underwood was the real star of yesterday's finale of Amerian Idol. She performed several songs and looked absolutely stunning. In the end Jordin won, but no one really cared. Read more!

Getting Her Eat On

Isn't it funny that only after being sentenced to jail, Paris Hilton has found God and started hanging out with her 'rents? Being the publicity whore that she is, it probably makes her happy that the paparazzi still are about her. Read more!

What Were You?

What were you doing at 4:30 AM this morning? Lindsay Lohan was at a gas station! Her normal moodiness stepped in, she posed for photogs in her car, then she put a jacket over her head. And I think we ALL know what she was doing 10 minutes earlier at 4:20! Read more!


Sarah Jessica Parker has a new line of clothing out named Bitten through Steve And Barry's. While I'm not very sure how this line will do, I'm glad she didn't try to put out a make-up line! Read more!

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