Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What Has She Done?

Natural is the best look! I am not sure what Rose McGowan has done, but it is certainly not the workings of mother nature! She went to the photocall for Deathproof looking VERY different. You be the judge. What has she had done? Read more!

Whoring It Out

Carmen Electra has a new book coming out and she wants YOU to buy it! She went to a signing ay Barnes and Noble, I wonder what insightful information it could possibly have! Read more!

Smart Girl

Johnny Depp says kissing Keira Knightley was "awkward" - because she is so much younger than him.

The pair shared a smooch in 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest', but Johnny, 43, found it difficult to pucker up to Keira, 22, because of the big age gap between the two stars.

He said in an interview with New magazine: "The smooches are always so awkward, especially because Keira and I have never been in that kind of situation together. She's, like, three and I'm a thousand!

"We've known each other for a few years and suddenly it was, 'Are you ready for this?' And you just do it. It becomes more like a stunt in a way. She was a great sport about it."

Keira has previously revealed she begged director Gore Verbinski to add the kiss between Captain Jack Sparrow and her character Elizabeth Swann.

She said: "I was saying, 'Give me one kiss, just give me one kiss'. I got it and it was good, really good."

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Hilary Duff and her sister, Haylie Duff did some damage at the Grove in LA yesterday, I think we all know that little sis is paying! It seems like Hilary is always touring or doing promotions, so I think this trip was well deserved! Read more!


She doesn't work, but at least she works out! Kristin Cavallari and her boyfriend Nick Zano worked out together in LA yesterday.. she is so boring and bland, but cute pants! Read more!

You Can Run

You can run but you can't Hyde, Lindsay! I can't imagine clubbing every night can be good for a recently rehabbed star! Lindsay Lohan went to LA club Hyde last night and we're sure she wasn't doing anything she shouldn't have. Read more!

Why Must You

Oh Halle Brry.. why must you play these games with us? She went shopping in LA with her mom (don't quite see the resemblance) and was still wearing her token baggy shirt! Read more!


Guess who??

Its Sharon Stone!
We all know Sharon Stone got some work on her face, but evidently, she forgot to get the rest of her body worked on! My poor eyes :( She enjoyed some fun in the sun on a yacht at Cannes Read more!

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