Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Princess Arrives

The princess has arrived! Although she may not be the traditional princess/queen, she sure is trying! Courtney Love attended Drew Barrymore's party, but it was Love who stole the show! Read more!

Not Cute

Everyone knows I'm a Lindsay Lohan fan, this look is just not cute! Not in anyway! The hat is ugly. The jacket is okay, but not with those things that resemble rain boots. Fashion is not cute when you try so hard. Read more!

Models,D Listers, Pot Heads and Nutjobs.

What do Models, Former IT Girls and nutjobs have in common? The all attended the premiere of Le Scaphandre et le Papillon in Cannes earlier today. I'll let you decide which one is which. Naomi Campell, Elle Macpherson, Mischa Barton, Sharon Stone and Shannon Elizabeth all attended the premiere. Read more!

Following Brits Lead

Paris Hilton is still a publicity whore, just a day after Britney Spears was spotted braless in Miami, Paris Hilton followed suit. Considering Paris Hilton has substantially less cleavage, it isn't a very big deal. Anything for some PR! Read more!

Happens To

It happens to the best of us! Jessica Alba got pulled over in West Hollywood by a cop yesterday, something tells me she probably got out of it with a warning. Just a sneaking suspicion though. Read more!

Can't Have It Both Ways!

Britney Spears always forgets a crucial item in her ward drobe. First there was that infamous pantiless night and in Miami last night, she forgot to put on a bra. Oops! Read more!

Show The Goods

Katherine Heigl isn't sitting on Grey's Anatomy! Her knew movie, "Knocked Up" is about a woman who has a one night stand and ends up pregnant! There is no better way to promote a movie than to walk the red carpet wearing a cleavage baring outfit. Read more!

NY Girl?

Jessica Simpson definitely doesn't seem lik a New York kind of girl, but she has been spending some time there lately. Yesterday, she grabbed some lunch with her "token gay" AKA hairstylist Ken Paves. Read more!

Get Ready Japan!

The hotness that is Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp have landed and are near your area! You lucky things! I presume it is for the POTC 3 premiere, somewhere in Japan. Enjoy and take care of them for us! The two arrived together at Narita Airport, but Keira couldn't leave her oh so important film to attend the film that launched her into super stardom. Priorities, girl! Read more!

Shrek The Third

Cameron Diaz was looking a bit blech at the Sydney premiere of Shrek The Third. The dress did nothing for her, the color was boring, but on the brightside, her make-up looked very nice. Read more!

Sometimes We Forget

Sometimes we forget anyone would actually want to have sex with the bag of bones known as Victoria Beckham. She is in LA right now, being VERY productive.. shopping at sex stores! She looks so uptight all of the time, it's hard to believe she ever gets laid! Read more!

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