Monday, May 21, 2007

Cleans Up Nicely

So often, we see Mischa Barton without make-up because, well, she doesn't need it! She is such a natural beauty! On some occasions however, we see her with make-up, and just when we thought she couldn't get anymore beautiful, she does! While Mischa didn't have a part in A Mighty Heart, she still attended, possibly hoping to steal some of Brangelina's thunder! Read more!

Who Wore It Better?

It's the battle royale! Two models, but only one winner! On the right side, Brazilian beauty, Adriana Lima at the Spiderman 3 in late April, on the left, Australian model Miranda Kerr at her birthday in early April. I am very puzzled as to why they wore the exact same outfit, the only thing I can guess is that it is a Victoria's Secret outfit and since they both model for VS, it is good promotion! I love Adri, so of course I am going to choose her, but not by much!

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What has Sharon Stone had done? Just a few weeks ago, Sharon was looking a HOT mess. So what has she done, a chemical peel? Some botox? Some "lovin?" Rehardless, she looked absolutely radiant at Cannes last night. Read more!

Who's More Beautiful?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were the picture of perfection at Cannes for the premiere of "A Mighty Heart". I really cannot tell who looks more beautiful, they are both just gorgeous! I am missing Angies curves, homegirl is looking thin! Read more!

A Happy Heart

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are at Cannes so that Angelina can attend the photocall of her new movie "A Mighty Heart" about journalist Daniel Pearl and his wife, Marianne. Angelina looks just radiant, altough very thin! Read more!

Back From Cannes

Jessica Simpson is back into New York City after partying it up in Cannes, fresh off her split from John Mayer. John lives in New York.. maybe they are reconciling? Read more!

Sad To Say

I'm sad to say Kelly Osbourne has gotten rid of that cute weave/wig and replaced it with another one. Now I know Kelly Osbourne has never been thin, but it seems like she is getting bigger! She attended the British Academy Television Awards in England last night. Read more!

Jessica Alba Action Star

Jessica Alba was on hand for The 7th Annual Taurus World Stunt Awards with co-stars from Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. She looked phenomenal, her hair looks so glossy and healthy and her outfit is on point! Christina Millian was also there giving her a run for her money. Read more!

This Is How

This is how Britney Spears gets down! The mommy of two danced and lipsynched in a concert in Miami last night, with all that dough, can't she afford a new outfit? Read more!

Maybe Girlfriend

In a post yesterday, I commented on how Eva Longoria's volleyball skills might be. Judging from these pics, girlfriend might have game! She showed no fear, diving into the sand at the "Spike For Hope" celebrity tournament. Read more!

Mischa Is Happy

Maybe Mischa Barton is happy because one of her movies is actually at Cannes (I assume.) Mischa posed with Roberto Cavalli and showed off her amazing legs. Read more!


Now I like Lindsay Lohan, and I know she says she isn't drinking, BUT, the only possible way should could have done her make-up like that and thought it was presentable is if she is under the influence of something! La Lohan was out and about in Hollywood last night and she sure was lovin the attention! Read more!

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