Saturday, May 19, 2007


Diane Lane is aging superbly, although she is in her 40's, she manages to show some skin while keeping it classy, unlike some of her peers! The actress was in Cannes for the showing of No Country For Old Men. Her facial expression is quite odd though. Read more!


Everyone these days has a fragrance! Anna Kournikova is the latest celeb to dip her feet into the perfum business. Her new fragrance is called SImplicity, which may be a reference to her diet, because she got very skinny in the past few months. From these pictures, it looks like she has gained a few pounds which is great, but the pants are a bit loose, so I can't say for sure. Read more!

Pirates Premieres!

This is the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere at Disneyland.. so why is Teri Hatcher there? I wanna see some yummy Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom, or even Keira Knightley! Well.. while I'm stuck looking at her face, I might as well say how haggard she looks! A lack of food CAN do that to ya! Read more!

From Bad To Worse

Just when you thought Pamela Anderson's outfits at Cannes couldn't get any worse, they did! Wearing a hot pink dress, she strutted her old self down the red carpet wearing a Hilton-esque dress. The only thing is she isn't Paris Hilton, she is like twice her age! Read more!

Ryan Wants To Share

Don't hate on a guy for wanting to SHARE :)

Ryan Phillippe has filed a legal response to soon-to-be ex-wife Reese Witherspoon's divorce claim, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

In his filing submitted Tuesday, Phillippe, 32, cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split, and also seeks joint custody over their two kids, daughter Ava, 7, and son Deacon, 3.

The documents ask that child visitation be "equally allocated."

Phillippe is not asking for any spousal support from Witherspoon, nor is he blocking her from requesting any from him.

Witherspoon initially filed for divorce in November after the couple announced their separation on Oct. 30. She had requested that the court not grant any spousal support to Phillippe.

For about the past two months, Witherspoon has been spending time with Jake Gyllenhaal, 26, her costar in the upcoming CIA thriller Rendition.

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I personally see nothing sexy or attractive about this woman. All I see is a drag queen who can't sing. But since some people find her appealing, here are some pics of her at Zootopia last night being classy and sexy and all that jazz. Read more!


Eat something, fall out of love with yourself and stop being so pretentious. The end.

Chanel Cruise Show Read more!


The Olsen Twins role in life really is to sip lattes, be stylish and earn money. Ashley Olsen certainly seems to be quite comfortable in that role. Ashley, a huge designer fan walked the carpet at the Chanel Cruise event looking very chic. Read more!

Dita Addams

Dita Von Teese also went to the Chanel Cruise event looking very reminiscent of Morticia Adams. Read more!

The Bitch Is Blonde!

Freshly off of a break-up with John Mayer, Jessica Simpson dyed her hair blonde again! She appears to be posing in front of a movie poste, but I know it is way too corny to possibly be real! All I am focusing on is that jewlery, DAMN, imagine how much that thing costs! I am definitely a fan of the hair.

*** EDIT - I have just found out that this was a celebration to announce her role in this movie, it just seemed to ridiculous to be possible. Read more!

Kardash Hits South Beach

Who are you and what have you done with Paris Hilton?? Kim Kardashian makes me MISS Paris Hilton and that is saying something! You probably didn't think it was possible for someone to be as vain and vapid as Paris, but here comes Kim! She hit some clubs in South Beach with a good friend of Paris', Scott Storch. Read more!

The Killers

I am a huge Killers fan, and a few days ago, reports came out that they stopped a show in the MIDDLE of the show with no explanation. Here is a video of this happening, the crowd is understandably very annoyed, but the fans dropping the F-Bomb is just uncalled for and obnoxious! They kindly rescheduled the concert for a date in September. Get well Brandon Flowers!
Read more!


I know I have many Australian readers on this site, so I am posting some new pictures of one of Australia's finest residents, Hugh Jackman! Hugh is currently filming a movie name, what else, Australia! We love you mate!! Read more!

Other Stars Who Love Chanel

We don't see much of Sarah Michelle Gellar anymore, but when she does come out, she looks lovely! Eva Mendes is quite comical on the carpet, maybe she is uncomfortable with her own hotness. Read more!

Jessica Looks Pretty

Also in attendance at the Chanel Cruise show was Jessica ALba and here is a shocker : she looked BEAUTIFUL! Read more!

LL Loves Chanel!

Lindsay Lohan has always loved Chanel and always takes very creepy pictures with Karl Lagerfeld. It should be no surprise that since there was a Chanel event in town, LL attended, looking very HOT!! Karl Lagerfeld held a "Chanel Cruise Show" where several stars came out to lend their support! Read more!

Do You Find This Attractive?

Does anybody find this woman attractive? I swear, this chick does less than Paris Hilton! At least Paris eats (even though she may throw up afterwards.) Victoria Beckham "graced" Los Angeles with her presence yesterday shopping. Read more!

Zootopia Time

Hilary Duff sure is trying to break out of the nice girl image she has. What is a perfect way to do that? Put on some hooker heels and dance like a slut! Mission accomplished! She still looks pretty cute, Rihanna looks like a mess, but hey, she normally does when she performs! Read more!

Great Mama

With all this talk of negatives, it is great to see a woman who balances a busy career on the road and always has time for her son. Of course I am talking about the beautiful Gwen Stefani and Kingston! Read more!

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