Friday, May 18, 2007

Paris and Nicole Make-up

Here is the "official" scene in which PARIS Hilton and NICOLE RIchie buried the hatchet.. I cannot wait for The Simple Life 5!
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Joins An Elite Club

Mischa Barton has joined an elite club. The nip slip club! Although, this wasn't a nip slip, it was a full boob slip! Read more!

Britney Goes Out Part Two

I'm hoping Britney Spears isn't falling into her old pattern of clubbing every night. Those new extensions appear to have been a confidence booster for the mother of two. Last night she went to Teddy's, the night before, Les Deux. A little bit of partying never hurt anyone, but a lot of partying often results in a shaved head and rehab! Read more!

About Sex

If anyone knows about sex, Dita Von Teese, the burlesque dancer probably does! She attended a museum of sex event in the Big Apple! Read more!

This Could Be Lindsay!

Sienna Miller is busy filming away to the movie, "The Best Times Of Our Lives." Now I'm not sure why Lindsay Lohan opted out of doing this movie, but maybe the costumes weren't to her "high" standards. In any event, Sienna looks quite pleased to have taken her place! Read more!

No JT For Me!!

I found this article quite interesting! Then I envisioned the girl who said this and imagined you would be just an exquisite beauty. Well, not quite! Maybe it is just a bad picture?

KP International) Sallie Toussaint, former model and Miss USA World, recently revealed she's one of the few women who isn't charmed by Justin Timberlake.

"I would definitely not date a guy like [Timberlake]!" Toussaint, who appeared in the film The Departed, told Smooth magazine. "Bringing sexy back? Why doesn't he bring his balls back? After the Janet [Jackson] thing where he didn't step up, I stopped liking him. He could have helped tremendously by just being a man, but he didn't. He ripped her top and ran. Timberwuss is quite the fairy. He needs to man up!"

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Pamela Anderson has certainly put a lot of money into her appearance! It is such a shame she won't invest some of that money in de-wrinkling her old, washed up face! She does hve one good thing, heer legs. Unfortunately they are often overshadowed by other, nasty things! Read more!

Jess UK

Although I find Jessica Biel very manly and grossly overrated, she does have SOME fans, and Justin Timberlake apparently is a big one! After pics of the two surfaced yesterday of them dining, she decided to get her shop on with a friend. If Justin likes her, she can't be that bad! Read more!

Must Be

Bai Ling is hamming it up at Cannes, we all know she loves attention! Unfortunately, she isn't anything special to look at and she doesn't have any discernable talent, so she must resort to wearing little to nothing or wearing something hideous! Well you all are in luck because Bai was able to combine the two things to make one horrendous outfit! Congrats! Read more!

Still Sad

Paris Hilton is still on her sympathy tour, she has her new Paris sympathy face! I think this sentence was a blessing for Paris, it was an excuse to go shopping and buy less-slutty outfits! She went tanning in Beverly Hills yesterday because a tan is SO crucial to the life of an inmate! Priorities my doll! Read more!

You Be The Judge

Halle Berry has once again been sporting large clothing again, so tell me, is she preggers or is she messing with the paparazzi as celebs just LOVE to do? Read more!

Holy Legs!

Ana Beatriz Barros has left NYC and returned to where she grew up in of Rio de Janeiro! She attended a party for Mario Testino last night, and all I can say is look at those legs! Read more!

Get Your Drink On!

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer reportedly broke up this weekend and judging from these pictures, she isn't crying! She is just getting drunk, very drunk! Witnesses report Jessica along with some friends and her parents attended a Cannes party and drank her sorrows away! Read more!

Not Kind

Britney's hairstylist doesn't seem like a very kind person! Why oh why would he/she allow their client to walk out in public with Paris Hilton Blonde hair? A darker blonde would suffice, that color is HARSH on her skin! That put aside, her stylist needs to be SHOT! The 80's are SO over! Britney needs a complete management overhaul, pronto! Read more!

A Model's Work Is Never Done!

Tyra Banks is in the Big Apple and even though these shots are candids, Tyra can never stop looking fierce! Her outfit and shoes were on point, here skin however was not! She should invest in some Neutrogena! Read more!

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