Thursday, May 17, 2007

Something Tells Me

Oh Kim Kardashian is so desperate! For some reason, unbeknownst to me, Kim made the list at 97! While I am not a Paris fan, I cant fathom how Kim made the list and Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Britney Spears did not! Kim never found a red carpet she didn't like! I wouldn't be surprised if she made appearances at El Pollo Loco openings! Read more!


Also at the Maxim Hot 100 party was CoCo and Ice-T. They even wore matching outfits, how vomit inducing! Something tells me neither of them were on the list! Read more!

Money Can Buy Good Looks!

Money can buy good looks! Just ask Ashlee Simpson! the "plastic" star attended the Asia Society Gala looking.. well.. plastic! Too bad it can't buy you a career! Read more!

Mark This Date!

Mark this date down! Paris Hilton hid from the paparazzi yesterday! Judging from one of the pictures.. could it be because she took her extensions out? And could this be because she is ready to go to jail? (Remember, no hair extensions in jail!) Read more!

She's No Carrie!

Kellie Pickler has tried to follow in American Idol winner Carrie Underwood's footsteps ever since being voted off last year. Unfortunately, it just isn't working. You see, Kellie lacks one major thing Carrie possesses. Hit music! And she just isn't as cute! The two blondes attended Country Music Awards in Vegas, although I'm really not sure why Kellie was there to begin with. Read more!

My Cannes Nights

Cannes Film Festival has just begun and "My Blueberry Nights" has already become a favorite among celebrities! Among attendance for the premiere and after party were Jessica Simpson, Jude Law, Norah Jones and Bai Ling! Read more!

After The Party

After the party is the AFTER party, no one knows this better than Lindsay Lohan! With her flavor of the week, Calum Best in tow, she hit the clubs in a discotastic dress!

Sources reveal that her friends HATE her new boyfriend Calum! Her friends say he is just using Lohan for some publicity.. and money a la K-Fed. Wisen up Lindsay! Take the Paris Hilton approach and marry billionaires ONLY! That way, you don't need to question their motives! Read more!

Lindsay's Boyfriend Is Probably A Scumbag

And now for today's episode of the overwrought, implausible telenovela that is Lindsay Lohan's real life.

When we last left off, model Sara Kova was telling us how Lindsay's current boyfriend, Calum Best, had kissed and caressed her last weekend at the Bahamian nightclub Aura - while Lindsay was in the other room.

Lindsay must have gotten a heads-up about our story on Monday, because that evening found her angrily returning to the hotel where she and her British beau have been staying (in separate suites).

Looking a little worse for wear after another night out, Lindsay "was screaming about how Calum was cheating on her," says our spy. Best wasn't among the friends who were with the "Georgia Rule" star. But she apparently wanted to give him a piece of her mind. Trouble is, our snitch says, "she seemed to forget where his room was."

A friend of Lindsay finds this hard to believe. "She knows where his room is - unfortunately," says the pal, who is not a big fan of Best.

Our source says hotel guests were starting to complain about Lohan's teeth-gnashing, prompting one of the managers to escort her gently to her own suite.

It's just as well she didn't surprise Best in his. Late last week, a room-service staffer is said to have found Best with another woman when he asked that his minibar be restocked around 4 a.m.

According to our source, Best had his shirt off and the girl was on the bed when the urgent delivery of little booze bottles arrived. Best is said to have invited the room-service guy to grab a tip from a pile of cash, saying: "It's Lindsay's money. I don't care." (He also didn't seem to care who saw some other stuff most people would hide if a stranger knocked.)

Whatever their issues, Lindsay and Calum seemed to have worked them out by Tuesday night, when they hit the town yet again, stopping at Bungalow and Stereo (where they chatted with Lindsay's former flame Jamie Burke).

So why is one of Hollywood's most promising actresses attracted to this Best bloke? Maybe he resembles Michael Lohan, the cocky, carousing father from whom she's estranged. No doubt, Michael would have gotten on with Calum's dad, the late soccer legend George Best, who famously said, "I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered."

SOURCE Read more!


I always give credit where credit is due. Although Kim Kardashian may be worthless, a whore and even less deserving of being "famous" than Paris Hilton, she always looks hot! Even though she probably used daddy's money to buy the looks from her local plastic surgeon. She looked fabulous at the Sons of Hollywood party and she finally tried out a new lip gloss! Read more!

Shopping All Over The World

Still on her European tour, Beyonce continues to hit up the best shopping spots, now in Paris, Beyonce shopped at Louis Vuitton and Yves St Laurent to name a few. Unfortunately, she didn't buy anything too cute in Milan, which is evident by her outfit. Poo poo! Read more!


Double the Duff is twice as nice! Hilary and Haylie Duff also attended the Maxim Hot 100 party, Hilary came in at 23 while Haylie came in at 89. To be honest, I'm really not sure WHAT Haylie was doing that list.. suck ups! Read more!

NOT 100

Also inexpicably at the Maxim Hot 100 party was Avril Lavigne. It is so depressing that she tries so hard and still looks absolutely hideous. Some people call for attention in different ways! Read more!

Do You Think She's Sexy?

Do you think Lindsay Lohan is sexy? Well we know she certainly does! The actress had the duty of attended Maxim's Hot 100 party, afterall, she was voted number 1!

PS- Think she is trying to send a message wearing the rainbow? Just saying! Read more!

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